The Doctors: Hanger Clinic Prosthetics For Joey & Grace’s Lamp Charity


The Doctors: Joey’s Story

The Doctors featured stories of incredible people who have beaten medical odds, and 20-year-old Joey is no exception. His story began in 1998, when his adoptive mother Chrystal was inspired to visit an orphanage in Romania that she’d read about in Reader’s Digest. Joey was one of the orphans that Chrystal first met, and immediately she knew that he was meant to be her son.

Joey, whose birth parents gave him up when he was a baby, had legs that were just five inches and clubbed feet. He needed parts of his legs amputated so that he could wear prosthetics, however, this surgery could only be done in the United States. Chrystal felt an “immediate bond” with Joey, but it was another year and a half until she could bring him home.  Eventually, Joey was adopted by Chrystal, and received his first pair of legs in the spring of 2001.


Now, Joey is 20-years-old and a member of an entire loving family. Chrystal eventually married Joe, who also adopted Joey. Chrystal and Joe have two daughters of their own, Joey’s sisters Morgan and Hannah. Hear more about this incredible family in the video below.

The Doctors: Hanger Clinic Prosthetics For Joey & Grace's Lamp Charity

Joey shared his story on The Doctors, received new prosthetics and discussed his charity Grace’s Lamp.


The Drs: Raising Money for Adult Prosthetics

Joey was originally fit for prosthetics at the age of eight, and now that he’s 20, his legs no longer fit. This is an extremely dangerous situation, because Joey is 30 pounds over the weight limit for his legs, and he falls often. Additionally, his cast has become extremely painful to wear.

Unfortunately, a complete set of adult prosthetic legs costs about $120,000, and the cost is not covered by Joey’s insurance. In order to raise money for his new prosthetics, Joey began selling donuts. At first he felt uncomfortable asking for help from strangers, but he’s managed to raise $30,000 so far.

The Doctors: Hanger Clinic Prosthetics

Amazingly, The Doctors were able to arrange for Joey to meet with prosthetic makers at the Hanger Clinic and receive a new pair of custom made legs. Joey’s parents did not know that he would be receiving his new legs on the show and, as you can imagine, they became extremely emotional. Check out the making of Joey’s new legs, and his shocking reveal, below.

The Doctors: Grace’s Lamp Charity

Joey’s entrance elicited a standing ovation – and plenty of tears – from the audience. Joey had many people to thank, including the Hanger Clinic, his parents and The Doctors. “It’s by the grace of God that I’m here,” he said. It’s now Joey’s mission to help amputees who are less fortunate than himself. Through his Grace’s Lamp charity, Joey hopes to help children get adopted and receive medical care.

The Doctors’ final surprise for Joey was a brand new bike so that he could ride with his little sisters. What did you think of Joey’s inspiring story? On The Doctors, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!


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