The Doctors: Gross Anatomy Teeth & Genital Disorders


The Doctors: Gross Anatomy Special Edition

On The Doctors, we took a look back at a special edition of The Doctors that featured Gross Anatomy; some of the most painful and embarrassing conditions that affect the body. First off, we met two young women– Sarah and Kayla– who bravely shared their stories and the struggles they’ve faced because of their gross anatomy problems.

Sarah: Rectovaginal Fistula

Sarah is a 24-year-old student and mother of a seven-year-old son. About a month after giving birth to her son, Sarah noticed that she began to pass air and feces through her vagina. She had had a lot of tearing during childbirth, and although they were repaired, they never healed properly and caused her embarrassing condition. Sarah said that, understandably, she is hesitant to date or begin a relationship because of this issue. Sarah said that she just wanted her life back.


Dr. Lisa Masterson talked with Sarah about her condition and gave her a second opinion. Previously, Sarah had attempted two separate vaginal advancement blocks, but about a week later, her symptoms returned. Another doctor recommended a colostomy, but Sarah was hoping to avoid that.

The Doctors Gross Anatomy: Deteriorating Teeth

Gross Anatomy issues such as Kayla's deteriorating teeth were discussed on The Doctors.

Dr. Masterson explained that Sarah’s condition is often caused by prolonged delivery in childbirth. The vagina and the rectum are very close together on the body, so a lot of tearing can affect the area. It is a very difficult area to repair and maintain, which is why Sarah’s other procedures had never healed.


The area can also very easily become infected. What a successful surgery needs to accomplish is to remove the fistula that is connecting the vagina to the rectum, then repair the area. Finally, Sarah visited Dr. Tom Margolis, and she received the surgery that she needed; Dr. Margolis said it was a complete success.

Kayla: Dentinogenesis Imperfecta

Kayla is twenty-one, and at age nineteen, she first began noticing that her teeth were deteriorating. They chip very easily, so she has to avoid foods like hard candy. Kayla would just like to be able to smile and laugh, like every young woman, without feeling so self-conscious about her teeth.

Kayla visited Dr. Bill Dorfman, who had the solution to Kayla’s embarrassing problem. The dentine in Kayla’s teeth is not properly formed, so her enamel is breaking down. The bad news was that her teeth were definitely going to dissolve, but the good news was that porcelain veneers would be able to solve the cosmetic problem. Unfortunately, Kayla had to undergo a lot of uncomfortable drilling in order to create her veneers, but the astonishing result was more than worth it; Kayla’s new tooth looked healthy, white, and best of all, natural.


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