The Doctors: Gender Dysphoria & First Full Face Transplant Recipient


The Doctors: Friday News Feed

Once again, The Doctors tackled medical subjects making headlines on their Friday News Feed. Find out the doctors’ thoughts on the latest and greatest from this week’s health headlines.

The Drs: Transgender First Grader

The Doctors began with the controversial story of a transgender first grader from Colorado. Coy Mathis was born a boy, but has identified as a girl since the age of 18 months. Medical experts have diagnosed Coy as transgendered.


The Doctors: Gender Dysphoria & First Full Face Transplant Recipient

The Doctors discussed a transgender first grader and Carmen Tarleton’s face transplant surgery on Friday News Feed.

Now, Coy’s parents are fighting for their child to be allowed to use the girls’ bathroom at school. In the state of Colorado, it is illegal to discriminate against transgendered people.

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears looked at this issue from both a medical standpoint and the view of a parent. Would he want his daughter using the bathroom with a child who looks like a girl, but is actually a boy? On the other hand, this child clearly has gender dysphoria, which is a real medical condition. By the age of four, she had already asked to be taken to the doctor in order to “fix” her body.


The Doctors: Gender Dysphoria

Typically, young boys will go through a more feminine phase, and vice versa. This is usually perfectly normal in children. However, gender dysphoria will often begin to show around the age of five. Sometimes children will outgrow this. But if a child has almost reached puberty and still feels strongly, that’s when doctors will begin to intervene, not to “stop” the behavior, but to offer “supportive therapy” for the child.

Hear the doctors’ thoughts on this complicated issue in the video below. What’s your take?

The Doctors: Carmen Tarleton First Full Face Transplant Recipient

Former Doctors guest Carmen Tarleton recently made headlines by becoming the first person to receive a full face transplant. Carmen gave her very first public interview since her surgery on The Doctors. But first, we revisited Carmen’s tragic story.

In 2007, Carmen, a mother of two, was awoken in the middle of the night when her ex-husband broke into her house and attacked her. While her daughters called the police and hid in the bathroom, Carmen’s ex-husband brutally burned her, leaving 80% of her body burned. Carmen was also blinded, but her touching story of resilience made her one of The Doctors’ favorite guests of all time.

Carmen called The Doctors from the hospital and revealed that she’s doing great and is “well on the mend.” Unfortunately, Dr. Travis Stork couldn’t share pictures quite yet. However, Carmen feels “blessed” to have a new face and a new lease on life.

The Doctors: Dr. Bohdan Pomahac Face Transplant Surgery

The Doctors also spoke with Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, Carmen’s plastic surgeon. He explained that the surgery took 14 hours and that “everything went as planned.” During the surgery, the scalp, skin, muscle and nerves of Carmen’s donor were fitted onto her face.

The doctors wondered if Carmen will look like her donor. Dr. Pomahac said Carmen will actually look like a completely new person, because it’s always a “unique match” with face transplants. Because of Carmen’s different bone and muscle structure, Carmen won’t look like her donor, but she won’t look like she used to, either.

Within about three months, Carmen will begin to feel sensation return in her face. Dr. Travis was amazed that Carmen is able to speak so clearly already. Carmen’s story has a bright future because of this surgery, and Carmen has shared her story in a book titled Overcome: Burned, Blinded and Blessed.

“Don’t give up on yourself, don’t give up on your goals,” Carmen said. “Know in your heart that you can do it.”


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