The Doctors: Fear of the Unknown & Dr Ritu Chopra Cyst Removal


Dr Ritu Chopra: Cyst Removal

The Doctors, as well as their audience, were in for big surprises on an unplugged, unscripted episode. Just when he thought it was safe, Dr. Andrew Ordon was “paged” to the back to help with a cyst removal. Seriously, a woman had her cyst removed on the show! And brace yourself, because the details weren’t pretty.

Dr Ritu Chopra and his patient, a 40-year-old woman with a cyst on her chest, waited for Dr Ordon to begin. As they worked, Dr. Travis Stork explained that a cyst is like a balloon; there’s an outer layer than contains material on the inside. It’s important to remove the entire cyst whole.


As the doctors cut around the cyst, audience members looked like they were about to throw up, cry or both. Just be glad you didn’t have to see it. Or, if you’d like, see the whole thing in the video below.

The Doctors: Total Blackout Host Jaleel White

The Doctors: Fear of the Unknown & Dr Ritu Chopra Cyst Removal

Dr. Travis Stork completed a terrifying challenge that tapped into his fear of the unknown on The Doctors.


Afterwards, Jaleel White returned for more Total Blackout dares. On the SyFy show, contestants’ fears are exploited through challenges that cut off their senses. Next up was Dr. Travis with the scariest dare of all.

Dr Travis: Fear Of the Unknown Challenge

Dr Travis strapped on the blackout goggles, which meant he saw nothing but darkness. Jaleel wheeled out four different tanks, and it was Dr Travis’ job to grab a key from the inside of each them. Better him than me!

The first tank contained a giant frog. I never thought I’d hear Dr. Travis shriek and whimper like a little baby, but he did! It must have been so terrifying to stick his hand in and not know what that slimy feeling was. But if you thought the worst was behind Dr. Travis, you thought wrong; the next tank contained several scorpions. Next up were snakes, but thankfully, they were of the plastic variety. Finally, Dr. Jim Sears shoved his own head inside the tank.

During the challenge, Dr Travis’ biological warning system was set off. As his fear rose, his adrenaline surged and he began to sweat. “You guys got me,” he admitted once the goggles were off. The fear of the unknown is a very powerful thing!


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