The Doctors: Excess Skin Removal & Severe Acne Procedures


The Doctors: Before & After Transformations

The Doctors was all about amazing before and after transformations. After Maria received a nose and abdominal reconstruction,  the Doctors were joined by Darren and Lisa, both of whom had incredible success stories of their own.

Three years ago, Darren weighed 452 pounds. Fearing for his own life and wanting to get healthy for his young daughter, Darren lost 300 pounds thanks to hard work and determination. Darren is both looking and feeling much better, but there is still one problem that he can’t solve: excess skin. With his clothes off, his loose skin hangs from his body, the only reminder left of the person that he used to be.


Dr Ordon and Dr Chopra: Excess Skin Removal

The Doctors: Excess Skin Removal & Severe Acne Procedures

Lisa addressed her acne problems and Darren had his excess skin removed on The Doctors.

Dr Ordon referred to Darren’s surgery as a “formidable challenge.” Dr Ordon worked on reconstructing Darren’s chest by harvesting the nipples and then replacing them after the extra skin was gone. His colleague, Dr Chopra, made two long incisions on Darren’s stomach to remove the skin there. He then gave Darren a new belly button, and began the “sew-a-thon” of piecing Darren’s skin back together.

Four weeks after surgery, Darren joined the Doctors to reveal his results. He lifted up his shirt and showed off his new, smooth stomach and chest. Darren, Dr Ordon and Dr Chopra demonstrated the amount of skin that Darren lost in total– a whopping five feet!


The Doctors: Hormone Therapy Acne Treatments

Another former Doctors guest, Lisa has been receiving hormone therapy from dermatologist Dr Howard Liu for her severe acne. After three months of therapy, we watched as Lisa received the last of her skin treatments, this time in the form of laser and light treatments.

Dr Liu first used an intense pulse light to address Lisa’s redness. It fires energy into the skin and shrinks the inflamed tissue. Next, he used laser treatments to address her uneven skin tone. The laser breaks open scar tissue and allows new collagen to build up in the skin.

When Lisa joined Dr Liu and Dr Stork on stage, her skin looked almost completely clear. Dr Stork said that if he hadn’t known that Lisa had suffered from acne, he would have never guess by looking at her now. I couldn’t have put it better myself!


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