The Doctors: Dr Ordon’s Torn Meniscus & Surgery Vs. Rehab


The Doctors: When is Surgery Required?

We’d all love to avoid having surgeries, but sometimes, it’s absolutely necessary. The Doctors August 29 was all about knowing when surgery is required. For Dr Ordon, this time came when he recently injured his knee, and decided to visit his old college friend in the Bronx, Dr Louis Rose.

Dr Rose and Dr Ordon have been buddies since the ’80s. That’s why Dr Ordon came to his old friend for advice when he injured his knee after having a little bit too much weekend fun. The results of his MRI showed a tear in the back of his meniscus, which was probably caused by his excessive golf playing. However, Dr Rose assured him that after surgery, he could be back on the course within ten days.


Dr Ordon: Meniscus Surgery

We got to see a behind-the-scenes glimpse at knee surgery as cameras followed Dr Ordon into the operating room. Dr Rose described how Dr Ordon’s knee cap was covered with fibers on his cartilage; that is caused by too much wear-and-tear on the knee. Dr Rose removed the tear as well as performed a condoplasty, which smoothed out the damaged cartilage.

Torn Meniscus Knee Surgery: The Doctors

Dr Ordon's torn meniscus had him undergo surgery on The Doctors.

After a successful surgery, the still-woosy Dr Ordon woke up speaking– of all things– French!


Dr Rose: Surgery vs. Rehab

Both Dr Rose and Dr Ordon joined Dr Stork in studio to chat about the surgery. Dr Ordon had a pretty tough decision to make, as he had a choice between undergoing surgery or trying rehab. Dr Stork wanted to know, how does one make that choice?

Dr Rose suggested initially trying “RICE” principles when you have an injury: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. If the pain subsides within a day or two, then you are probably fine. However, in Dr Ordon’s case, his busy schedule made it impossible to rest, and he found that his pain was not going away.

Dr Rose: McMurray’s Meniscus Test

Dr Ordon’s surgery took just thirty-four minutes. He lifted up his pant leg to show off his healed knee, which he said was feeling great.

The last step in Dr Ordon’s recovery was the McMurray’s test. Dr Rose explained that doctors use this test to tell if someone has a knee injury. The doctor will put stress on the meniscus, and if it’s torn, an audible clicking will be heard and the patient will have tremendous pain. Dr Rose performed the test on Dr Ordon, but all was well.

Dr Ordon’s bill of health was so clean that he was able to start hitting golf balls right away; he wasted no time and started practicing right in the studio!


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