The Doctors: Dr. Edward Miranda Surgical Procedure For Migraine Relief


The Doctors: Cure For Migraines?

Like many people, Nanette has suffered from painful, debilitating headaches for most of her life. On The Doctors, we learned more about Nanette’s lifetime struggle with migraines and the surgical procedure that put an end to them forever.

The Doctors: Dr. Edward Miranda Surgical Procedure For Migraine Relief

Dr. Edward Miranda explained a surgical procedure to cure migraines on The Doctors.


Nanette’s migraines often caused “pounding, stabbing” pain, nausea, vomiting and even heart palpitations. It wasn’t unusual for Nanette to be admitted to the hospital because of migraine pain. For relief she tried acupuncture, herbs and a chiropractor, but nothing provided a solution.

The Drs: Surgical Procedure For Migraine Relief

Nanette finally found the relief she needed through a relatively simple surgical procedure. Plastic surgeon Dr. Edward Miranda relieved pressure on the nerves and tissues around Nanette’s eyes, neck and head. Now, just 11 weeks after surgery, Nanette joined The Doctors for an update. She reported that she’s “100% migraine free,” and referred to the surgery as “a miracle.”

Dr. Miranda explained how some of the minimally invasive techniques used in aesthetic plastic surgery can help provide relief for migraines. In Nanette’s case, there were three nerves being compressed by muscles in her head and face. It was Dr. Miranda’s goal to “un-pinch” the nerves for a permanent solution to the pain. In some patients, Botox works to provide migraine relief, but that is usually a temporary solution lasting only 3-4 months.


Headaches and migraines can be different for everyone, even though about 25% of American households contain at least one person who suffers from migraines. If your migraines are affecting your life, it’s important to first get the proper diagnosis from your primary care doctor. Seeing a neurologist would be the next step and then potentially surgery if you are a good candidate.



  1. carol frechette says

    I have been praying for a possible answer for the torture of my migraines over the past 20 years. They have seemed to have involved my neck and temportal region the most on just one side of my head. I have had two neck surgeries since 2009. I had hoped fixing the discs with fusion would solve the migraines as well. The surgeon also had hoped that would be the case. Unfortunately, my migraines are even worse now and so is neck pain. I am so hopeful I may be a candidate for this procedure. I am contacting their office asap!

    I feel at last there may be a solution to this horrible medical problem that has disrupted my life for so long now. Thank you, THE DOCTORS, for bringing on Dr. Miranda.

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