The Doctors: Double Level Osteotomy – Deviated Septum Surgery


The Doctors: Deviated Septum

The Doctors talked about 17-year-old Shelby, who has been the target of intense bullying because of her nose. The team helped her get a Double Level Osteotomy to correct a Deviated Septum.

Shelby has been to seven different school because her dad is in the Army, and when she was going into eighth grade, her family moved to Tennessee. She didn’t know anyone and everyone already had their cliques, so she had a difficult time fitting in. Shelby said it seemed like her classmates decided she was the girl that they didn’t want to like that year.


A girl in Shelby’s class called her “Dory” after the Finding Nemo character and her classmates would call her ugly. A group of girls would throw little balled-up pieces of bread at her and say “Eat it fish.” A guy asked her if she would move her nose because “it was in the way of his locker.”

The Doctors: Self-Confidence Vs Bullying

Shelby said that after the bullying got really bad, she switched to the Christian school because she figured people would be more friendly, but it was the complete opposite. She said when you have everyone telling you you’re ugly every day, you start to believe it.

The Doctors: Double Level Osteotomy - Deviated Septum Surgery

In addition to being an aesthetic surgery, a nose job can fix a deviated septum and a variety of breathing problems.


She is extremely self-conscious of her nose and said that’s all she sees when she looks in the mirror. Shelby said she knows she’s a good person, but because of the way she looks she has no self-confidence.

The Doctors: Double Level Osteotomy

The Doctors sent Shelby to plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Brenner. Dr. Brenner said that this is a common problem among teenage girls, and now that Shelby is 17 her face is done growing and this is a good time to address her problems.

Dr. Brenner said that he hates to see such a sweet girl with such low self-esteem because of things her peers have said about her nose. Shelby’s mom wants people to know that their decision to allow her to have a nose job was not taken lightly.

Dr. Brenner repaired her deviated septum and made her nose more narrow. He had to do a unique procedure called a Double Level Osteotomy which included breaking two bones in her nose. Shelby also had trouble breathing due to a valve collapse in her nose.

The Doctors: Shelby’s New Nose

Shelby’s new nose looked fantastic and she was all smiles. You could tell that a fairly simple surgery skyrocketed her self esteem. Dr. Brenner said that her nose will take a full year to lose all of it’s swelling.


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