The Doctors: Dental Rejuvenation & Crown Procedure for Tooth Decay


The Doctors: Tooth Decay & Root Canals

Nanny Danielle appeared on The Doctors because of her dental problems – her teeth have been decaying since she was a little girl. Danielle said she felt like she works with kids because they accept her 100% of the time. She also has a four-year-old daughter named Tuesday.

At least seven of her teeth needed root canals. Danielle said some of her teeth caused terrible pain that would shoot through her jaws and up to her head. Dentists she’s been to thought her teeth became bad when she was young, and she’s had lots of medication.


Danielle was picking at some of her teeth one day because they hurt and two of them crumbled in half, which caused her to have a breakdown. Danielle was frustrated because she couldn’t afford to get them fixed, and felt terrible whenever her daughter asked her why her teeth were so bad.

The Doctors: Dental Health, Dentition & Social Anxiety

The Doctors: Dental Rejuvenation & Crown Procedure for Tooth Decay

The Doctors performed a dental rejuvenation and crown procedure on Danielle, who has had tooth decay her whole life. The process involved replacing a dead tooth with a titanium screw with a crown attached to it.

Periodontist Dr. Sanda Moldovan explained to The Doctors exactly what she was going to do for Danielle. Dr. Moldovan said she sees a lot of teenage and young adult women who are ashamed about their teeth and don’t want to be social because of them.


In the United States, 55% of people said that teeth are one of the most important things about physical appearance. Dr. Travis Stork said that just because someone has poor dentition, it doesn’t mean they’ve done anything wrong.

Dr. Moldovan said they see these problems as early as pregnancy and it could be antibiotics or malnutrition. Severe illness as a baby can also cause lifelong dental issues.

The Doctors: Healthy Teeth During Pregnancy

Dr. Lisa Masterson said that while women are pregnant they won’t prescribe the antibiotic Tetracycline because it’s associated with dental problems later on in life. Dr. Jim Sears said to only let your children take antibiotics when it’s necessary, and to always look for other options.

Dr. Moldovan said that she thinks tooth decay prevention should start during pregnancy, and nutrition plays a big role in this. Dr. Masterson said that what a woman puts in her body goes to her baby.

According to Dr. Moldovan, once your tooth enamel wears away, it does not come back. Even a rubber nipple on a bottle can wear a baby’s teeth down.

The Doctors: Dental Rejuvenation and Crown Procedure

Dr. Moldovan performed a dental rejuvenation process on Danielle. She removed all the infected tooth structure from Danielle’s cavity-filled mouth. She shaved down her teeth so that she could put crowns on them and pulled one tooth and replaced it with a pure titanium tooth.

Danielle had the procedure done yesterday and has not seen her new smile yet. The Doctors covered all of the mirrors in her hotel room and the dressing room at the studio.

Dr. Stork asked Tuesday, who was in the audience with Danielle’s mom, if she was excited to see her mom’s new smile, and she nodded.

Danielle debuted her new smile and was obviously very grateful for Dr. Moldovan’s work. Between tears, she said she had never had a pretty smile before. Danielle’s mom was excited to see her daughter smile.


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