The Doctors: Dental Implant Procedure & How to Fight Fatigue


The Doctors: Dental Expenses & Dentist Bills

Everyone knows that dental work can be very costly. Michelle is a single mom of three boys who needed help from the Doctors for her sons, and we learned her story. All three of Michelle’s sons were in need of major dental work, and the financial stress had her “freaking out.”

Michael, Michelle’s oldest son, had a failed root canal and was still missing two secondary teeth. Matthew, her youngest son, also had a similar issue. Dr Bill Dormfan met with Michelle and her boys to examine exactly which procedures each boy needed. Michael and Matthew both needed three lower teeth implants; however, Matthew’s age meant that he would have to wait a few more years until his jaw was fully formed. Unfortunately, the cost of Michael’s surgery alone came to a whopping $20,000.


Dental Implant Procedure Review: The Doctors

Michael's Dental Implant surgical procedure was explained on The Doctors.

Michelle was thrilled and shocked to hear from Dr Dorfman that the surgery would be on the house. Thanks to Dr Dorfman and Dr Grant Loosvelt who performed the procedure, Michael’s costly dental issues were finally resolved.

The Doctors: Dental Implant Procedure Review

Both Michael and Dr Dorfman joined Dr Stork in studio. Dr Dorfman explained that dental implants work by being placed into the bone, after which the bone grows into the metal to become one with the body. Dr Dorfman snapped Michael’s implants right in, and said that there is a 98% chance that the implants will last for the rest of his life. If needed, a person could get implants in every single tooth.


The Doctors: Fighting Fatigue

Vanessa is thirty-seven and gets ten to twelve hours of sleep each night. This may seem like a dream to most of us, but she says that she is still always tired. Vanessa looked to the Doctors for advice on why she may be feeling so constantly fatigued.

Endocrinologist Dr Katja Van Herle weighed in, giving her best tips on how to boost energy levels. In order to fight off fatigue, Dr Van Herle suggests drinking at least six sixteen-ounce glasses of water throughout the day, plus having small, protein-filled snacks every two to three hours. There are also medical causes such as low blood sugar or a thyroid issue; a simple blood test from your doctors can better pin point this problem.

Our non-stop, busy schedules make fatigue a common issue, but if it persists, go see your doctor. Dr Stork and Dr Masterson both agreed that ten to twelve hours a night is actually too much sleep.

The Doctors: Fitness Beyond Fifty Review

To wrap up the show, the Doctors chatted with Harry H. Gaines, the seventy-four-year-old author of Fitness Beyond Fifty. Harry said that the best way to continue to look and feel great is to make fitness a top priority throughout your life. Stay active, plan your bucket list, and keep checking things off; on Harry’s list is a 90-mile bike ride when he turns 90. He plans on making the most out of life, and you should, too.


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