The Doctors: DaVinci SI Robot Review & Hemorrhoid Cream Blister Remedy


Hemorrhoid Cream: Heal Blisters Fast

The Doctors took their show to New York City to help answer viewer questions and learn about the future of medicine with NYU’s DaVinci SI Robot. Walking around a metropolitan area like New York means putting a lot of extra strain on your feet when getting around. One woman asked for advice on how to heal blisters fast. Will anything speed the process?

Blisters can be annoying, but there’s a quick and easy remedy you can try: Hemorrhoid Cream. “It can actually ease discomfort and it adds a protective coating,” Dr Travis Stork said.


The Doctors: DaVinci SI Robot Review

DaVinci SI Robot Review: The Doctors

NYU's DaVinci SI Robot is using technology to dramatically improve the accuracy of delicate surgeries.

Home remedies have their limits, but modern medicine is advancing in leaps and bounds. To see what’s new in his field, Dr Andrew Ordon visited New York University for a surprising sneak peek at something special. First, we got a glimpse of Dr Ordon’s NYC apartment and his wife.

Then he was off to NYU’s Langone Medical Center to see the latest in state of the art surgical robotics. “It’s so precise, they use it for GYN, they use it for neurology, they use it for neurosurgery,” he said.


He scrubbed up and went behind the scenes with Dr Michael Stifelman, NYU’s director of robotic surgery. The DaVinci SI gives surgeons a 3D view of what they’re working on. They use hand controls to work their magic.

The Drs TV: NYU 3D Robot Surgery

“Through each of the arms, we attach an instrument. They go through small holes in the body,” Dr Stifelman explained. “Even though it looks really big, the actual incision is only about five to eight millimeters for each one of these.”

He demonstrated the robot’s three arms and the range of motion that this operating room system works practically, limiting the number of assistants and personnel needed for a procedure.

Dr Ordon checked out the endless possibilities, and Dr Stifelman showed off how easy it is to gently peel a grape using the robot. That’s some impressive and promising technology that has to make you excited about the future of surgery (though it could make for some boring futuristic medical dramas).

Dr Andrew Ordon: Surgical Robotics

Dr Stifelman put Dr Ordon to work, making him try out the robotics and complete some practice tasks to see what the machines can do, by picking up a quarter, for example, or manipulating small pieces around the mock surgical area.

The benefits are “better for the patient, less blood loss,” Dr Stifleman said. “More complex procedures can be done using a simplified approach, and robotics is the tool that’s helping us do that.”


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