The Doctors: Dana Delany Autopsy Procedure & On Set Of “Body of Proof”


The Doctors: Dana Delany Body Of Proof

The Doctors revealed shocking health secrets from the dead with the help of Body of Proof star Dana Delany. The Emmy Award-winning actress currently stars as medical examiner Dr. Megan Hunt on the hit ABC series, currently in its third season. Dana joined The Doctors for a thought-provoking discussion on postmortem-themed medical topics, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Body of Proof.  

The Doctors: Dana Delany Autopsy Procedure & On Set Of "Body of Proof"

Body of Proof star Dana Delany put her medical knowledge to the test on The Doctors. (s_bukley /


The Drs: Should Cryogenically Frozen People Be Brought Back To Life?

Recently, a 23-year-old science student who sadly succumbed to brain cancer decided to have her body cryogenically frozen. This led to an interesting discussion on the scientific and ethical questions raised by the issue of cryonics. Should we be freezing human beings in hopes of bringing them back from the dead?

Dr. Travis Stork demonstrated how liquid nitrogen, frozen to -320 degrees, quickly freezes an egg yolk. Dr. Jim Sears and Dr. Andrew Ordon admitted they would consider freezing themselves, but Dana and Dr. Lisa Masterson would not. “There’s a natural cycle to life, and I think you have to respect that cycle,” Dana said.

Dr. Max More from Alcor Cryonics Life Extension Foundation spoke with the doctors on the phone to explain how cryonics work. Immediately after death, the body is stabilized and cooled in order to minimize damage to the cells. It’s then transported to Arizona, where the body is frozen and most of the water is removed. Centuries from now, the body will remain intact much as it was while the person is living.


What I’d like to know is, has anyone ever been revived after being cryogenically frozen? What are the chances this could actually work? For now, it sounds more like the stuff of a science fiction novel than an actual reality. What’s your take on this issue?

Dr. Jim Sears: On the Set Of Body Of Proof

Later, Dr. Jim Sears visited the set of Body of Proof. He spoke with Dana Delany and technical adviser Gerry Kellerman about the show’s amazing medical authenticity. Dr. Sears finds the show very medically accurate, which is a big compliment to receive from a real doctor!

He also chatted with special effects expert Trent Caughtner and learned how fake blood and other effects are created. See Dr. Sears’ entire trip to the Body of Proof set in the video below.

Dana Delany: Autopsy Procedure

Dana revealed that she’s actually performed real-life autopsies in order to bring authenticity to her role as a medical examiner. Naturally, the doctors were curious and tested Dana’s medical knowledge in a simulated autopsy procedure. Dr. Travis Stork gave Dana several clues, and it was her job to identify the correct organ. As Dana pointed out, it was sort of like a real-life version of the game Operation. Impressively, Dana answered all of her questions correctly. Take a look at each question below.

  • Q: This organ acts as the body’s chemical processing factory, is the largest organ inside the body and makes bile which aids in digestion.
  • A: The Liver.
  • Q: This organ should weigh less than a pound and can be negatively impacted by gum disease.
  • A: The Heart.
  • Q: Disease of this organ is the ninth leading cause of death in the U.S, and most people can live with just one.
  • A: Kidney.


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