The Doctors: Canine Stem Cell Therapy & Male vs. Female Body Odor


The Doctors: Red the Service Dog

Red is a twelve-year-old black Labrador Retriever. However, she isn’t just any ordinary pet; Red has had an incredible career in service. She is one of the last surviving rescue dogs from the September 11th attacks, and she has also worked in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Red is now retired, but because of her long and active career, she suffers from arthritis that at one point had made her completely immobile.

Canine Stem Cell Therapy: The Doctors

Red the Service Dog received canine stem cell therapy, and her owner and vet chatted with The Doctors.


Back in March, Red received a breakthrough stem cell therapy treatment in attempt to ease her pain and allow her to be active once again. To find out how she’s doing now, Dr Stork chatted with Red, her owner Heather, and veterinarian Dr John Herrity via satellite.

Heather and Dr Herrity both declared that Red was doing fantastic after her stem cell therapy. Dr Herrity injected the stem cells into Red’s lower back, on either side of her spine.

Heather called the difference in Red’s mobility “dramatic.” She is now able to climb stairs, jump into the car, and play like she hadn’t done in years. Thanks to canine stem cell therapy, Red is back to her old self. And she is definitely one dog who is more than deserving of a nice, pain-free retirement!


The Doctors: Male Vs. Female Body Odor

Are men really stinkier than women? The Doctors tackled the unpleasant issue of body odor by examining male and female hygiene. It’s not that men inherently smell worse, it’s just that they are less likely to clean themselves as well as women do! Plus, they have more body hair, so that can trap smells that women could otherwise get rid of. What it comes down to is the fact that men need to pay attention to their body odor; if your wife tells you that you stink, it’s time for a shower!


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