The Doctors: Balloon Dilation Sinuplasty for Chronic Acute Sinusitis


The Doctors: Sinus Infections

The Doctors explored germ traps and risks on this episode, including what you didn’t know was lurking in your rental car or DVDs. Plus, they discussed vagina hygiene and healthy shaving & waxing tips. But another common germ trap we sometimes forget about is the sinuses, which can become trapped in a vicious cycle of Acute Sinusitis. Find out how Balloon Dilation Sinuplasty is offering some relief.

The Drs: Acute Sinusitis Surgery

The Doctors: Balloon Dilation Sinuplasty for Chronic Acute Sinusitis

The Doctors explained Balloon Dilation Sinuplasty, a minimally invasive Chronic Sinusitis procedure.


Teenage Riley has Acute Sinusitis, which affects his ability to participate in sports, because he has trouble breathing. His parents were at a loss about how to help him, and Riley said he has trouble sleeping.

Medications such as antibiotics and steroids initially seemed to be the only option. At first, Riley’s parents were reluctant to pursue surgery, but they heard about a less invasive option that is believed to be at least as effective.

Otolayrngologist and facial plastic surgeon Dr Marc Kayem explained the new Balloon Dilation Sinuplasty procedure being used to expand Riley’s sinus passages. This was expected to solve Riley’s issues with pressure and frequent infections.


The Doctors: Balloon Dilation Sinuplasty Review

Back in the studio, Dr Kayem, Riley, and his father were on hand to report the results. Riley said he was feeling much better since the procedure. Dr Andrew Ordon said it’s hard to even diagnose Acute Chronic Sinusitis in many cases. Doctors will typically review a patient’s history and examine CT scans to help make a diagnosis.

Dr Kayem explained how the balloon is inserted and inflated deep in the sinus. Since the bones are so thin in this area, they are actually cracked and remain open once the balloon is removed. Breaking open that area keeps fluid from collecting and becoming trapped on a chronic basis, providing relief for the patient.

The Doctors: Director Lynn Hermstad

As for Riley’s proud mom, she is Lynn Hermstad, the director of The Doctors, and she chimed in from the control room to talk about how she hopes stories like Riley’s can help other parents and kids. She said that is why she’s proud to work on the show, and she is excited about the renewed opportunities that are open to Riley since his procedure.



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    Pat this is a great article, it comes to show that sinusitis can get to a point whereby you do not know how to treat it anymore and that is when surgery becomes the only option you have. Some surgeries become a waste of money when they do not succeed but if they do then you gain ultimate relieve from sinus problems for a long time.

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