The Doctors: ARTAS Robot Hair Restoration for Male Pattern Baldness


The Doctors: ARTAS Robot Helps Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss is something that affects millions of people worldwide, especially men, and a new ARTAS robot procedure is helping to fix the problem.

Usually, donor hair follicles are taken from the back of the head and implanted in the thinning areas. The procedure is very labor intensive, with thousands of four hair clusters needing to be extracted.


The Doctors: ARTAS Robot Hair Restoration for Male Pattern Baldness

A new machine called the ARTAS robot is providing sophisticated hair extraction services to be used in hair restoration procedures.

Now, the ARTAS robot is using a sophisticated hair mapping and extraction system. The robot randomly extracts hair with a series of punches, which conveniently makes it hard to tell where the donor hair came from.

The Doctors: ARTAS Robot Completes 1,000 Grafts Per Hour

Hair restoration surgeon Dr. James Harris joined The Doctors to explain how the procedure works.


Dr. Harris said patients are numbed with local anesthetic, so they won’t feel anything. He demonstrated the ARTAS robot on a model of a human head. The robot assesses the angles and directions of all the hair follicles before making a decision.

The ARTAS does about 1,000 grafts per hour, which is very fast compared to how long it would take a human hand. Dr. Lisa Masterson was curious if the robot was able to be used on women. Dr. Harris said it doesn’t have clearance yet, but it is something that they are working on and hope to make available in the future.

The Doctors: ARTAS Grafts for Baldness

Dr. Harris’ patient Jimmy called into the show to talk about how pleased he is with the results. Jimmy said the results didn’t happen overnight, but after four or five months he noticed new hair growth on his head. Dr. Harris said that Jimmy had approximately 4,000 hairs transplanted.

Would you try ARTAS? Do you think people experiencing hair loss should try restoration therapy or stick to toupes?


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