The Doctors: Addicted To Nicotine Gum: Hypnotherapy Treatment Results


The Doctors: Nicotine Addiction

The Doctors talked about some interesting addictions on their show, including a woman who is addicted to the color pink and what to do for people who are addicted to hair pulling. While smokers have been the subject of conversations about nicotine addiction for years, the next segment featured a new twist on the story. The Doctors met a woman who is addicted to nicotine gum.

The Drs TV: Addicted To Nicotine Gum

“I only smoked for about two years, but now I have been chewing nicotine gum for five years,” Catherine said. “It’s a terrible habit and I can’t stop.”


Addicted To Nicotine Gum: The Doctors

The Doctors met a woman who was addicted to nicotine gum & sent her for hypnotherapy treatment. Did it work?

She said has tried to quit chewing the gum four different times, but hasn’t been successful so far. She admits that she has been procrastinating in getting off the gum for good.

The Doctors: Nicotine Addiction Hypnotherapy

Recently, Dr Oz spoke with a Diet Hypnotherapist and discussed how hypnosis works. In this episode, The Doctors sent Catherine to visit a renowned hypnotherapist, Tom Silver. He told her to throw away her gum after their appointment.


The Drs TV: Emotion Replacement Therapy

Tom Silver is a neurological scientific hypnotherapist, and he explained that he uses Emotion Replacement Therapy (ERT). He explained the process using a tech analogy: “I can go right into that subconscious, like a hard drive on a computer. And I can delete their mental virus and put in a program and the positive emotions instead of that habit.”

He showed the EEG readout as he went through Catherine’s treatment. Step by step, he talked her through eliminating her bad habit of chewing nicotine gum. Then he talked her through some positive affirmations.

“You have made a life shift today, and we worked together and it is gone,” Tom Silver said.

The Doctors: Hypnotherapy Addiction Results

Back in the studio, Catherine was in the audience to share the results of her treatment. She told Dr Lisa Masterson that she felt positive about the experience, which was “nothing like I imagined.” Did you notice they never asked her if she’s stopped chewing the gum?

How Nicotine Affects Health

Dr Travis Stork said that cigarettes fuel nicotine addiction and are also loaded with carcinogens. At least with the gum, he said, you are avoiding exposure to cancer causing inhalants. He explained that Nicotine increases levels of Norepinephrine and Dopamine, creating positive feelings. Nicotine Gum is meant as a replacement therapy, with the goal of slowly stepping down from addiction.

How Hypnotherapy Cures Addiction

Catherine’s hypnotherapist, Tom Silver, phoned in to discuss the benefits of his work. “A lot of times, the addictions are emotionally stimulated,” he explained. “Then they go and physically do that substance or chew that nicotine gum.”

He explained that removing cravings and reinforcing positive emotions can give addicts control over their habitual behavior. Hypnosis can also be used to tackle weight loss, phobias, and problems with concentration.

“Used in conjunction with medical therapy and other types of therapies, it can be a wonderful advantage for that client to empower themselves,” Tom Silver said.

Would you ever try hypnotherapy to deal with a stumbling block in your life? Have you tried it? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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