The Doctors: 3-D Brain Scans with Dr Daniel Amen


The Doctors: Corie and Patrick

On August 23, The Doctors were joined by Corie and Patrick, a couple who wanted to know why they were so different. Because of the fact that she’s emotional and he’s logical, there is a strain on their relationship. Corie and Patrick were sent to Dr Daniel Amen, author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, for a cutting-edge new brain scan. By examining the couples’ brains, Dr Amen hoped to shed some light on why Corie and Patrick are so different.

Brain The Doctors August 23

Dr Daniel explained couples' brain function using 3D scans on The Doctors August 23.


Dr Daniel Amen: How the 3D Brain Scan Works

Dr Amen performed what is known as a “spec” scan, which examines blood flow and activity patterns. Corie and Patrick were asked to take a test on a computer involving different letters of the alphabet. Then, they were both injected with Ceratec, an intravenous radiopharmaceutical that highlights brain activity.

In examining Patrick’s and Corie’s scans, it was obvious that Corie had a lot more brain activity. It was noticeable that in the surface scans, which examine underneath the brain, that Patrick’s temporal lobe areas were very low in activity. When Patrick was very young, he had viral encephalitis, and he has often struggled with terrible headaches. This area of Patrick’s brain serves as proof.

Dr Amen explained that typically, women have a lot more brain activity than men. Women are always thinking and engaging with their surroundings, while oftentimes, men just want to be left alone! Examining brain activity in couples is very helpful for relationships, because doctors can evaluate what lies at the root of the problem. For Patrick, Dr Amen recommended boosting seratonin, which can be achieved through exercise. There is also a treatment called neuro-feedback that Dr Amen suggested, which can help to stabilize Patrick’s brain.




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