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The Doctors: Biliary Artesia

The Doctors Biliary Artesia

Biliary Artesia is a life-threatening liver condition

The Doctors brought on one of their producers who went through one of the hardest things a parent could ever go through when her infant was diagnosed with Biliary Artesia, a life-threatening liver condition. When she was pregnant, they found out that he had a heart defect, so they were prepared for him to need heart surgery when he was born. When he didn’t, they thought they had dodged a bullet. Two months later they bring the baby in for a checkup and he’s jaundiced. He’s diagnosed with Biliary Artesia and immediately carted off for surgery.


The parents were devastated. They thought they had seen their baby for the last time. They had no control over the situation and they knew the surgery only had a 50% chance of working. After the surgery they had to keep coming in for tests to see if it had worked. Things weren’t looking good each time. The doctors said there was nothing more they could do, they could only wait. Finally his numbers began to drop and now he’s a very healthy baby boy.

The Doctors: Neurolumen Review

The Doctors brought on a woman named Shelly who had invented a device called the Neurolumen out of necessity and mother’s love. When her daughter was 15-years-old, she was in a horrific car accident. She shattered her vertebrae in her lower back and she had to have it replaced with a titanium one. The doctors told them 50/50 she never walks again and she probably can never have children. And even if she could walk, the titanium vertebrae causes arthritis and she’d be in a wheelchair by 25.

Shelly saw the pain her daughter was in and decided not walking wasn’t an option. She began combining low level lasers, electrical stimulation and LEDs  to try to relieve her daughter’s pain. Finally she found the right combination and it became the Neurolumen medical device.


Shelly’s daughter is now 26-years-old, received treatment from the Neruolumen once a month, is walking just fine, has no arthritis and is a mother to a two-year-old.



  1. Jerald Daughrity says

    My Son has been extensively disabled five years now from falling through a skylight while repairing a roof and injuring his back. He is 42 years of age and has little hope for the future. He was an excellent carpenter, mathematics teacher, and athlete. His pain is so intense he takes pain medicine several times daily. Might Neurolumen therapy be a possibility for relief?

  2. Elaine Brinkmn says

    Is this treatment any help for damage conus of the spine? either rental, purchase or treatments ar hospital ????


  3. V.A. Lee says

    There is an excellent article in the January Reader’s Digest on this device. Would love to see one of the devices to see if it really would help some of our chronic pain patients.

  4. Dale Schmidt says

    Has anyone been able to get any inormation from the Neurolumen folks since the Reader’s Digest article? Please let me know if you can find out how to get their product. Thank you, [email protected]

  5. Bill Calvert says

    I contacted Neurolumen and found out that the ad-story in Readers Digest was incorrect. It stated that the device could be rented for $50 per month. They said that was a misprint. Im not sure how one could have misprinted an entire sentence, but thats what they said. I asked where a person could get therapy and they said there were not any clinics within 1000 miles of me. WOW! They said I could buy the device for $2000 and it came with a 14 day money back satisfaction guarantee. By the time it would get to me to try, there would only be 7 or 8 days to try it. I would be interested in trying it if it came with a typical 30 day guarantee. I am most skeptical at this time. The internet is full of many items, weight loss pills, etc that offer a free 14 day trial from the day of purchase. If the product really works, put your money where your mouth is.

    • says

      I, too, read the article in Readers’ Digest. Sounds so promising. Have you had any luck obtaining information yet?
      I have suffered from spinal pain for 30 years now and have had three fusions and still in terrible pain all the time. Have a spinal stimulator now but it isn’t doing anything. Any suggestions?
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon, and thanks

    • says

      Actually the 15 day money back guarantee does not start until the unit is delivered to you and you send it back on the 15th day if it is not the therapy for you. We are slowly but surely getting more facilities on board so let us know your city and state and we can see if you now have coverage in your area or we will be near you to offer a free treatment.

  6. says

    Wife was involved in a car accident in 1969, crushed her spine L-1 and L-2 and has had two spinal fusion operations. Spent 6 months IN HOSPITAL and had to relearn to walk and function.Doctors were very doutfull that she would walk again but she did. Had a lot of lower body problems.She did allright for 20 years, we had a son in 1971.She progreesively got worse with the pain and the lower body problems. She has been on major oxycodene since 1997 and has tried ALL treatments to no help. She uses a power chair to get around. She had a treatment with the NEUROLUMEN in Austin Tx and was pain free for over 24 hours. A 30 minute treatment actually worked. We are hoping that Medicare or Tricare will recognize this as a viable treatment for the reflief of pain.

    • Debbie Lepage says

      Thank you for your post. David Hunt also had a good post. I have just ordered the Neurolumen for back, foot, and hand pain and would appreciate knowing if your wife is continuing to use the device and if so, how it is working for her. It is hard to find reviews from people actually using it. Thanks, and I hope she is doing better.

  7. David Hunt says

    I have tried the Neurolumen twice and I can tell you from my experience that it did work for .I tried it the first time in Austin with no result, but then I tried it again in a different configuration in Houston and had results which had me sitting in disbelief. I am a firm believer in it and am hoping a local doctor will pick it up, if not I was told by Neurolumen I could come up there for a free treatment. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss my experience.

    • Bob says

      Hello David. While researching Neurolumen I found your post. It is very kind of you, offering to share your experience with the device. If you have an opportunity to email me I would be very greatfull. Bob

    • Debbie Lepage says

      David, I am wondering if you are continuing to use the device, and if so, how you are doing with it. Also, do you know other people who have used Neurolumen? Do you know of anyone who did not find relief? Thanks.

    • gary says

      Hello David,
      I am interested in Neurolumen as I am a type 2 diabetic. My feet are starting to tingle a little which are signs of Neuropothy. Which is bad circulation in the feet. I was wondering about the cost and how many sessions and so forth. I would apprectiate you emailing me back, thanks

  8. Loren says

    I have a daughter who was in a car accident and Has been on many pain pills for years. I would love to have my daughter free from her chronic back pain what hope is there in this machine if no one can get any reviews of satisfied user’s of this machine?
    What benefit would this machine have over acupuncture? Waiting for a replay.

    • Marie Hackney says

      Loren, this machine can be used in your home and is non-invasive. It can also be used as needed and would not have to worry with appointments or being in certain location. My husband tried acupuncture and did not get relief. I know he has only had the 2 treatments but we were plesantly surprised with the results. See my comments below.

    • Debbie Lepage says

      My Neurolumen is scheduled for delivery on Thursday the 28th, and I will post how it works for me, my daughter-in-law, and my husband. Between the three of us, we have serious lower back issues, neck pain, foot pain, hand pain, and shoulder pain, in other words, we are all falling apart! Check this site every few days after Thursday and I will post updates.

      • Debbie Lepage says

        Also, I just needed a prescription from my Chiropractor to be able to buy one. Haven’t dealt with insurance yet!

  9. Marie Hackney says

    After reading the article in Reader’s Digest, I contacted Neurolumen through their website and received a prompt response. We coincidently had a convention scheduled in Oklahoma City and made arrangements for a free treatment. My husband has scoliosis and lives with some level of pain constantly. He had a 30 minute treatment on Wednesday and they invited him back for another on Friday which was an hour. We were very pleased as he felt the good results of pain reduction for about a week. This was also a week that would have caused a lot of pain because of standing at convention and a lot of car travel on vacation following. I am providing information to our chiropractor because there is no one in our area where you can get treatments. Neurolumen staff advised us that because they are FDA approved that FDA requires them to get a prescription from your doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist. My husband and I both feel this product has a lot of potential although it is expensive. They also indicated that Medicare or Insurance might pay for a percentage of the cost but the patient would have to contact and find out. We met the daughter for whom this devise was invented. She walks well and is expecting her second child.

  10. Debbie Lepage says

    I got a prescription from my Chiropractor and my Neurolumen is scheduled to arrive Thursday the 25th. I will be using it for severe back injury, inflammation of the metatarsal joints in my foot, and chronic hand and wrist pain. My daughter-in-law will also be trying it on her neck pain and my husband will try it on his shoulder and back pain. I will post a few more times to let you all know how it is working for us. I haven’t looked into insurance coverage. We have Blue Shield of CA.

    • Doris Selden says

      Debbie, I am wondering how all of you did with the neurolumen. The last post was 3/26/2013. My mom has chronic shoulder pain related to a fracture and hand pain because of carpal tunnel. She is allergic to all pain meds and I was hoping this might help her. She is 93, so surgery is not an answer.

  11. Marianne Snow says

    I am in a lot of pain in my lower back and hip, arm etc. hoping there are more comments after the ones above.

  12. Sha Clem says

    I am sad to see such promising information that started with the Januart 2013 Readers Digest article go so dormit. What happened here? It is obvious there are many hoping for relief from pain including my Mom n now there appears to be a deadend. Why????

  13. Vergie Thompson says

    Would like to hear more from patients after June 2014 about their experience with this invention. Thanks.

  14. Renee K. says

    Yes, it works! My dad has had four failed fusions. He was in so much pain that the doctors told him that there was nothing else they could do for him. After using Neurolumen for a month, his pain went from a 9 to a 4. He was able to get off most of his prescription meds.

  15. Renee K. says

    I forgot to say this in the last post… He has been using it for three months now, and it is still working. 🙂

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