Drs: Woman Blinded After 5k Mud Run + Damaged Cornea

The Doctors: Woman Blinded After Mud Run

The Doctors introduced a woman named Brittany who explained that she was excited to attend an event, not knowing that 24 hours afterward, she would be blind. She did a 5k Mud Run, crawling through mud pits and over walls. She had mud everywhere and sensed that something was off because her eyes were hurting pretty bad, but because her hands were covered in mud, she had no way to clear out her eyes. By the end of the run her eyes were burning bad, so she immediately started to flush out her eyes. There were so many tears coming out of her eyes that she was literally making puddles on her bed. When she woke up the next morning, her eyes were swollen and she was losing vision.


She went to see several doctors and specialists who told her she had quite a few corneal abrations. It was so bad that the doctor had to take culture swabs upwards of ten times. She was on six of the strongest eye drops and 24 hours from doing the Mud Run, her eye was completely white, and she realized she was completely blind in her left eye. For nine days, she was in the trauma room near the operating room because the doctors told her the contents of her eye were soon going to come out. Her cornea was literally melting.

Drs: Woman Blinded After 5k Mud Run + Damaged Cornea

A woman opened up to The Doctors about the damage done to her after a fun Mud Run, and the possibility she could be permanently blind in one eye. (wwarby / Flickr)


The Doctors: Cornea Damage After 5k

Brittany underwent two surgeries, but the damage to her eye was enough to forever change her life. Secondary to her injuries, she has to wear special sunglasses and experiences irritation to brightness. The doctors are saying that the only way she can get her eyesight back is to undergo a cornea transplant, but there’s a risk of things going wrong, leaving her with no eye at all. The Doctors sent Brittany to see Dr Kerry Assil to see if there was any hope for her damaged eye.

Dr Assil said it was clear that Brittany had a severe infection and the inflammation was so bad that all the layers of her remaining cornea have fused together. Her body “responded appropriately” to the infection by making scar tissue. The scar is was is blurring her vision, and normally for that, they would do a transplant. Because of the inflammation, the chances of a successful transplant decrease. She underwent a series of tests to see just how damaged her eye and eyesight were, in order to better determine if a transplant would even work.

The Doctors: Suprise For Woman Blinded After 5k

Brittany joined the show and shared that she’s able to see a little bit of color out of her left eye, but mostly just sees white. Dr Assil explained that the cornea is the only transparent part of the body, so it doesn’t have blood vessels that can protect it using the immune system. Dr Assil wanted to wait at least another six months for the eye to calm down and continue to heal. He called his surgeon in Dallas to help her, but also offered to do the surgery himself if that worked for her.

Brittany and her fiance were actually planning to get married, but because of their medical bills, it was put on hold. Because the couple is from Dallas, The Doctors surprised them with help from a Dallas florist, as well Robbins Brothers Engagement Ring Store who gave them $1,000 toward their wedding bands. The Castle at Rockwall also gave them their castle to use as their venue on their special day, and provided a photographer as well. Jessica, with Drop Visionary Branding Videography, donated their award-winning videographer to catch their big day. The House of Wu also provided her a wedding gown from their Christina Wu collection.


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