Drs: Whole Body Cryotherapy + Freezing Temps Relieve Pain


The Drs: Freeze Away Pain

The Doctors shared that when it comes to pain, we’ll do just about anything to make it go away. But would you subject yourself to -228 degree temperatures? There’s a chamber that uses whole body cryotherapy which exposes you to freezing nitrogen gas for two to three minutes. It will shock your body, boost the immune system, and for one woman it provides a high that lasts for days.

Drs: Whole Body Cryotherapy + Freezing Temps Relieve Pain

The Doctors took a closer look at Whole Body Cryotherapy that uses negative 228 degree temperatures to freeze away pain. (rubikscubefreak / Shutterstock.com)


The treatment was developed in Europe to treat pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other ailments. Of course, there are precautions that must be taken. Dr Drew Ordon said you’re subjecting your entire body to the extremely low temperature and the claims include that the cold will reduce inflammation. But as for stimulating the immune system and helping with various ailments, he’s not so sure how effective it truly is.

The Drs: Whole Body Cryotherapy

Dr Travis Stork explained that when your body is exposed to those cold temperature, your blood is shunted to your major organs. It obviously makes sense that as the blood returns to your limbs, you’re going to feel a rush, and feel energized. He said more studies need to be done on it.

Obviously there are risks. For example, one man went into the chamber with wet socks and his feet were frostbitten. Dr Jennifer Ashton said in sports, it’s routine that athletes will plunge themselves into an ice bath and submerge themselves up to their neck for much longer than two or three minutes.


We actually did this in college after practice and as painful as it was, it certainly did help to control and relieve soreness!

The Drs: Freezing Temperatures To Relieve Pain

There’s no data on it long term, and because of the risks, the treatment needs to be controlled and regulated. Dr Ashton pointed out that there could be internal injury as cells freeze and then thaw. Dr Ordon volunteered himself to put it to the test. Dr Stork said professional sports teams are actually buying the chambers to use on their athletes.

A man named Alex was in the audience and he uses the treatment a lot. He said he does the treatment every day, sometimes twice a day. One session is $65 and he started going for the extreme pain in his knees. He did the treatment just one time and already felt like new. He said it’s not painful, and described it as “euphoric.” He said if you can just get your mind to stay with it, you can do it.

As always, be careful when succumbing to very cold temperatures.


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