The Drs: Vicki Gunvalson Connecting With Deceased Mother


The Drs: Vicki Gunvalson & Thomas John

Dr Jennifer Ashton said losing a loved one can be one of life’s toughest experiences, so what if you could reconnect with someone on the other side? The “Manhattan Medium,” Thomas John, recently sat down with Vicki Gunvalson from The Real Housewives of Orange County to attempt it. Vicki shared that her mother passed away pretty suddenly and she thought it would help her talk to someone to come to terms with it.

The Drs: Vicki Gunvalson Connecting With Deceased Mother

Vicki Gunvalson talked to Thomas John in hopes of reconnecting with her deceased mother, and shared her experience with The Doctors. (Jurgen Ziewe /


Thomas said he tries to make contact with the spirit world by picking up on their energy or things about them that they want to talk about. He said he would go with what comes through. He said Vicki’s mother was talking about her last birthday and how much it meant to her that it was such a surprise.

Thomas also said he was feeling something in his chest or heart, more like pressure than pain. He said it seems like the chest pressure and her death happened simultaneously. He also said that her mother wanted Vicki to take care of her sister’s blood issue, and Vicki said she has a blood clot in her leg.

The Drs: Thomas John “The Manhattan Medium”

Thomas shared that Vicki’s mother is happy and with her husband. He was also seeing pink roses, and Vicki explained that her mother wanted pink roses and baby’s breath on her casket when she died. Thomas also asked if Vicki was doing something with her mother’s house and Vicki explained that in two weeks she has to go and pack everything up. Thomas said he was seeing a real estate transaction and took that as her showing that she wants Vicki to move on and sell the house.


He kept seeing an angel statue, and Vicki explained that she just bought a praying angel statue and she’s going to plant pink roses around it. Thomas said she likes that a lot. Vicki said Thomas knew so many things about her and her life that she truly felt her mother was talking to her through him. She said the biggest thing is knowing that her mother is with her father.

The Drs: Connected With A Deceased Love One

The Doctors were joined by Thomas John and Thomas said we all have an ability to see and feel the spirit world. He said spirits will try to get your attention in any way they can, whether in a dream or bizarre synchronicity. If you want to reconnect with a lost loved one, seeking out reputable medium is a good idea. He also said you can ask your loved one to send signs.

Thomas John is the author of Never Argue With A Dead Person.


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