Drs: “Vampire” Breast Lift + Drew Barrymore ‘Miss You Already’


The Doctors: Surgery-Free Breast Lift

There’s a new procedure that can allegedly give you perkier breasts without going under the knife. It’s called the Vampire Breast Lift, and Dr Charles Runels, the creator, explained that the word vampire comes from the use of blood. He explained that blood is used to polish off the breasts, but it doesn’t replace breast implants. It “polishes off works that’s already good.” The procedure just adds 30 CC’s of volume. Dr Jennifer Ashton said PRP is all the rage right now, especially in orthopedics. Dr Ashton said it’s important to understand it’s not an FDA approved procedure for breast augmentation. Dr Ashton said the effects of growth factors, which are found in PRP, are not known in breast tissue.


Dr Runels said it’s important that the doctor performing the procedure use a specific device that is FDA approved for preparing PRP. The FDA does not govern what you do with blood, but the same procedure has been done for 10 years using fat in the breasts. They’re doing the same thing with PRP, just leaving out the fat.

Drs: "Vampire" Breast Lift + Drew Barrymore 'Miss You Already'

The Doctors took a closer look at the procedure being called the “Vampire Breast Lift” and whether it’s truly a good option for surgery-free breast augmentation. ([email protected] / Flickr)

Dr Ashton said as anything, just be aware of the risks and be sure you’re seeing a professional. It costs approximatelt $1,800. WOuld you undergo this procedure if it could enhance your breasts without surgery?


The Doctors: Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette, “Miss You Already”

The Doctors then shared a Doctors Special Report, sharing that Drew Barrymore, in her upcoming movie Miss You Already, plays a woman trying to get pregnant while her best friend battles breast cancer. At the films premiere, Drew said she was amazed at how they were able to handle the subject matter of cancer and friendship, as well as birth and death. Toni Collette, her co-star, said the message is learning to appreciate what you already have.

Do you have plans to go and see Miss You Already?


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