Drs: Update On Woman Whose Nose Was Bitten Off By Her Ex


The Doctors: Domestic Violence Victim With Nose Bitten Off

The Doctors reminded everyone of the woman named Michele, who had the tip of her nose bitten off by her ex. Michele shared with The Doctors that her boyfriend suddenly got violent with her and threatened to take her life, telling her that her children were next after he was “done with her.” She ran into him at a birthday party where he asked her to come out to the car and talk to him. They got into the car and he locked the doors before beating her. He lunged his face toward her face, clamped his teeth down on her nose and then all she could remember was waking up and asking him what happened. He very calmly told her “I bit your nose off.”


Dr Andrew Ordon and his partner wanted to repair her nose for her and The Doctors couldn’t wait to share an update on her healing process. Michele was excited to go in for her first surgery, but admitted she was feeling nervous. The first phase was to make her nose functional again. After that procedure was done, Michele had to wait about three weeks before going back and reconstructing the nose. Finally, phase three was to complete the entire process, giving Michele a beautiful, shapely nose.

The Drs: Update On Woman Who's Nose Was Bitten Off By Her Ex

The Doctors were overjoyed to share an update on the woman who’s nose was bitten off by her ex. (davisommerfeld / Flickr)


The Doctors: Nose Repair After Domestic Violence

The Doctors then welcomed Michele to the show, and she shared that she is doing tremendous. She looked absolutely beautiful and you truly couldn’t even tell she had gone through anything. Dr Ordon said giving someone back a nose that was lost is probably the most difficult thing they do. They had to bring function back to her nose as well, which was part of the challenge.

Dr Ordon explained that there is more work to be done because the rim of the nose was completely lost. The good news is that they found someone closer to home, so that she wouldn’t have to come back to California. That surgeon is at East Cooper Plastic Surgery in her hometown, and if she’s a good candidate, they would provide the final fix for her free of charge. Dr Jennifer Ashton made a point to shine a light on Dr Ordon, saying he was being modest because what he did was truly unbelievable.

The Doctors: Surprise For Domestic Violence Survivor

Michele said she tells anyone and everyone who asks, Dr Ordon and Dr Chopra changed her life, but together they’re so humble. She said she felt welcome and comfortable, and that meant more to her than anything else. Dr Travis Stork knows that Michele’s emotional scars can be just as deep as her physical ones. Michele explained that her life went in a downward spiral after what happened to her. Michele first appeared on the show just two weeks after the incident. Dr Stork said she deserves something for her bravery.

Dr Stork introduced Meg, the CEO of Evolve MKD, who works for a PR firm, and said she wanted to give Michele $20,000 to help with all of her finances. Megsaid so many helped her that she wanted to pay it forward. Michele said was overwhelmed with gratitude. Dr Ashton said “there’s a special place for women who help other women.” She said abuse and violence is physical and financial as well, so it’s incredibly life-changing for Meg to have done what she did.

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