Drs: Type 1 Diabetes Cure + Time At The Gym To Burn Off Food


The Doctors: Type 1 Diabetes Cured

Over one million people in the U.S. have type 1 diabetes, the majority of whom are diagnosed as children. Gina had to plan her life around severe diabetes, that she believed would one day take her life too soon. At age nine she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after her blood sugar levels were found to be so high that she was rushed to a hospital. Early in college, she began having severely low blood sugar episodes that required an immediate injection or else she would die. About six years ago, after several seizures, she noticed a brochure on her coffee table about a clinical trial for diabetes.


She began researching clinical trials for type 1 diabetes, which led her to the transplant center at City of Hope. The clinical trial involved an islet cell transfer where healthy cells from a donated pancreas flush throuh the liver, to her pancreas, hoping to regulate and produce insulin naturally.

Drs: Type 1 Diabetes Cure + Time At The Gym To Burn Off Food

The Doctors learned how one woman was actually able to discover a life without type 1 diabetes after a clinical trial cured her. (alishav / Flickr)

Gina then joined The Doctors explaining that she successfully participated in the clinical trial and is not insulin-free! She’s thrilled to be able to live her life without constantly worrying about her diabetes. She’s actually the first person to succeed with the clinical trial.


The Doctors: Potential Cure For Type 1 Diabetes

Dr Fouad Kandeel explained that it’s been a big dream of scientists and doctors to replace the insulin-producing cell that is lost in individuals with type 1 diabetes. After the cells are injected into the patient with diabetes, they begin working immediately. It’s an outpatient procedure that takes just 30 minutes.

Dr Travis Stork said that while the clinical trials are still going on, it could potentially be a game-changer for those with type 1 diabetes.

The Doctors: Time At The Gym To Burn Off Popular Foods

Next, The Doctors reported that health experts in the U.K. have proposed a new way of labeling foods. Rather than just showing the calories, they suggested that manufacturers list how long it would take for you to burn off the foods you eat in the gym. Dr Rachael Ross then shared some bad news, reporting that to burn off one beer, it would take 25 minutes on the treadmill to burn them off. Obviously, it’s all about enjoying things in moderation, but it’s good to make sure it’s worth it before you indulge.

If you want to enjoy a double cheeseburger, it’s about 500 calories and 40 grams of fat, so you would need to spend about an hour in the gym. That doesn’t include the fries or anything else, and that’s a hardcore gym session not a lightweight workout. For a bowl of Chicken Alfredo with roasted garlic, it’s more than 2,000 calories and 70 grams of fat, which is four hard hours at the gym! Try healthier swaps or smaller portion sizes instead.


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