Drs: Teeth Grinding Reconstruction + Unnecessary Hysterectomies?


The Drs: New Smile After Grinding Teeth

Drs: Teeth Grinding Reconstruction + Unnecessary Hysterectomies?

The Doctors gave one woman a brand new smile after she had been grinding her teeth for years. ([email protected] / flickr)

The Doctors shared that stress can have an effect on your teeth just as much as anything else, and Mindy had previously come on the show to share that she had been grinding her teeth for a majority of her life. She had been grinding her teeth to the point that her gums had actually bled. The Doctors had sent her to see Dr Sam Saleh to get her life back on track.


Mindy shared that her teeth had been breaking and falling out. Dr Saleh shared that Mindy had actually lost ten teeth and was dealing with a lot of decay. Dr Saleh was going to design and implement a complete reconstruction of Mindy’s teeth for free. They had to turn the roots of Mindy’s teeth into implants.

The Drs: Dental Reconstruction Results

The Doctors then welcomed Mindy to come out and show off her brand new smile. They showed a before and after that displayed the incredible changes and improvements to her smile. Dr Saleh reminded everyone that Mindy grew up drinking a lot of soda, so that combined with the grinding was causing great destruction in Mindy’s mouth. Mindy has only had her smile for a couple days, but said she can’t wait to see her son.

The sooner the better to prevent deterioration of your teeth! Are you guilty of grinding your teeth? Have you done anything to protect your teeth before it’s too late?


The Drs: Are Hysterectomies Unnecessary?

The Doctors then shared that there have been recent reports that one in five hysterectomies performed on women are unnecessary. Dr Jennifer Ashton was ready to set the record straight. She explained that hysterectomies are the second most common surgical procedure performed on women in the United States, with over 400,000 done a year. She said one in five are unnecessary, and the biggest reason for them in the first place is fibroids.

Dr Ashton said women need to understand as much as they can. Dr Ashton explained that not all fibroids are the same. She showed pictures from some of her recent surgeries. She showed what a fibroid looks like, explaining that it’s hard and sits in the uterine cavity. For a woman who bleeds heavily and passes large clots, those are typically the cause.

She said sometimes, a woman will be advised to get a hysterectomy, when in reality all she has to do is get the fibroid removed in a same-day procedure. Have you undergone a hysterectomy or were you told you needed one? Does Dr Ashton’s report come as good news for you?


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