Drs: Smile Reanimation Surgery Success + Makeover To Look Younger


The Doctors: Surgery For Boy Unable To Smile

Last season, The Doctors introduced a boy named Maddox who was unable to control the muscles in his face because of a rare condition that affected his nerves. Fortunately, there was hope! A surgeon donated his services to the family, free of charge, to give Maddox the chance to finally smile, eat, and blink like a normal boy. The Doctors’ cameras were rolling as he underwent smile reanimation surgery. It was a complicated surgery, but the specialist had plenty of experience restoring movement to faces of patients with facial paralysis.


The Doctors: Smile Reanimation Surgery

Drs: Smile Reanimation Surgery Success + Makeover To Look Younger

The Doctors checked back in on Maddox, the little boy who underwent smile reanimation surgery to give him the ability to smile for the first time. (cmcbrien / Flickr)

Maddox’s mom, Danielle, and his surgeon Dr Andre Panossian, joined the show saying he was confident that he could give Maddox the ability to smile, as well as other aspects that come with smiling and facial movement, like swallowing and improved speech. Danielle struggled to put into words how grateful she was, saying his life has improved drastically. The Doctors were thrilled to bring Maddox out on stage. The difference was truly remarkable, as Maddox was able to show off an adorable, glowing smile.


The Doctors: Makeover To Look Younger & Thinner

Earlier in the show, The Doctors began a makeover on two women who wanted to look years younger and slimmer. Stylist and fashion expert Orly Shani explained that she had to use what was already in each of the women’s closets. The first woman, Sally, joined the show, as Orly explained that bold colors were the way to go, while avoiding too much layering. She also mixed different metals to accessorize Sally with jewelry.

For Tony, she was dressing like a total biker chick, so Orly kept the leather jacket but used a printed shirt with a pair of jeans, and a stylish homemade necklace. Of course the makeup and hair helped too, with their makeup artist explaining that she did a daytime smokey look with the focus on the eyebrows to make the women look younger. As for their hair, Sadou Brown focused on movement and body to give them a more youthful appearance.

Youthful was the word of the day, and you can use the word youthful on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a PMD personal at-home microdermal exfoliation system worth $159!

The Doctors: Paleo Causes Weight Gain?

Next, The Doctors revealed that a new study claimed that the paleo diet could actually cause you to gain weight. Researchers at the University of Melbourne tested mice and their results showed just that. Once again, the issue is that the study was done on mice, and mice are different from humans. It’s all about finding what works for you, because one thing won’t work for everyone.

The Doctors: Quinoa Whiskey

Then, because quinoa is such a popular health food, The Doctors wanted to try quinoa whiskey! Gwyneth Paltrow recently posted about the alcohol on her Instagram, but Dr Ashton pointed out that there’s not much nutritional difference between quinoa whiskey and regular. They gave it a shot, pun intended, and agreed that the taste was much stronger, and similar to scotch. Dr Travis Stork and Dr Andrew Ordon seemed to like it but Dr Ashton was completely disgusted.

As always, everything in moderation!

The Doctors: FDA Withdraws Antibiotic Given To Pigs

In News in 2:00, it was reported that in a preview for season 2 of Atlanta Plastic, a consultation played out in true reality TV fashion. A patient wanted liposuction so that she could stop using saran wrap, a girdle, and duct tape.

Also, the FDA has moved to withdraw an antibiotic given to pigs that could cause cancer in humans. The antibiotic is given to pigs in the U.S. to plump them up and control infection. Two years ago, an international food safety panel found that the antibiotic, in any amount, was unsafe for consumers. In a statement, the FDA said “The manufacturer of carbadox has failed to provide sufficient scientific data to demonstrate the safety of this drug given evidence that carbadox may result in carcinogenic residues.”

The makers of carbadox claim they will fight the move by presenting new evidence of consumer safety data.

The Doctors: Placebo Effect Research

In a Harvard University study on the effects of placebos, participants were told up front they wouldn’t be receiving medications for their conditions, but rather placebos. In one study of migraine sufferers, there was a reported 30% reduction in pain levels among those who knowingly took a placebo. One Harvard researcher said “we’re not going to shrink a tumor with a placebo pill” but that for psychological reasons, the placebo can “Activate the same neurotransmitters as many powerful drugs.”

Harvard plans to continue the study later this spring.


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