Drs: Scarred & Disfigured After Brutal Attack Caught On Tape


The Doctors: Shocking Attack Caught On Tape

Jessica shared her story with The Doctors, explaining that about a month ago, she decided to go swimming with her boyfriend. On the way home, they stopped at a gas station and her boyfriend went into the store. While she was waiting, she had her window rolled down. Two men made sexual comments to Jessica, and when her boyfriend walked out, he saw the group of men all around his car. Jared politely asked them to back off, but they wouldn’t. Suddenly, five men were fighting Jared while Jessica screamed for them to stop.


Jared jumped into the car when suddenly one of the men picked up a pipe that was lying on the ground, and threw it through the window, hitting Jessica right in the face. Jessica recalled looking down and seeing her own teeth her hand. She realized then that the men were laughing and videotaping her. When she was hit with the pipe, it took of part of her upper lip and knocked out eight of her teeth.

Drs: Scarred & Disfigured After Brutal Attack Caught On Tape

The Doctors shared footage of a horrific attack caught on tape and then had a surprise for the girl who was left disfigured. (e-coli / Flickr)


The Doctors: Disfigured After Brutal Attack

Jessica and Jared joined The Doctors and Jessica said it has made her a lot more aware of herself and her surroundings. Dr Lisa Masterson told Jessica she should realize that what happened to her had nothing to do with what she was wearing. Jared said he was scared and shocked, and even has guilt that it happened to Jessica, wishing he could switch places with her. The Doctors told him he did nothing wrong, and neither of them should feel guilty for what happened to them.

Jessica actually met with Dr Andrew Ordon who was truly touched by her story. He said the big thing that struck him is that Jessica’s deformity is quite apparent. He said he was encouraged by Jessica’s improvement over the last few weeks, but there’s still some parts of her lips that aren’t quite right. Jessica has lost a lot of her oral structure and Jessica explained that she can chew, but she has to place the food in the back of her mouth first, and she has to drink through a straw.

The Doctors: Oral Reconstruction After Horrific Assault

Because Jessica had a lot of inner, dental and oral damage, The Doctors sent her to see cosmetic dentist Dr Mourosh Maddahi. Right away, Dr Maddahi noticed the missing teeth, saying there was much more trauma that he had expected, because of the root and nerve exposures. He then brought in Dr Parvaz Mizrahi, an oral surgeon, to take a look at Jessica. The big problem they ran into was that Jessica was a smoker. Smoking blocks blood flow to the area, which means the chances of failure from surgery increases significantly. Before they moved forward at all, they needed a definite confirmation that Jessica would stop smoking, and she said she would.

The Doctors: Hope For Girl Brutally Attacked

The Doctors were then joined by Dr Maddahi and Dr Mizrahi. They expressed how severe Jessica’s case was because of all the damage. Jessica has a lot of bruising in her jaw joint as well as spasms of the facial muscles. The good news is that they are confident they can treat Jessica successfully, as long as she stops smoking. Because she agreed, they were going to treat her free of charge and help give her smile back. Dr Ordon then said he would offer his services for free, to do any reconstructive surgery after her teeth and jaw are fixed. Jessica was certainly relieved and we can’t wait to see the results when she joins the show again!


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