Drs: R.I.P. Prince, Doris Roberts & Chyna + Missing Bellybutton


The Doctors: R.I.P Doris Roberts & Joan Laurer

In a Doctors’ Special Report, it was shared that three Hollywood icons were lost in less than a week. On April 17, Doris Roberts passed away in her sleep at her Los Angeles home. She was best known for her role as Ray Romano’s mother in Everybody Loves Raymond. The Emmy-winning actress was 90-years-old.

On Wednesday April 20, police in Redondo Beach, California  confirmed the death of Joan Laurer, the female wrestler known as Chyna. Just three days before her death, she posted a video for her fans, telling them she loved them and to have a beautiful day. Police reported that there were no signs of foul play, but an investigation is underway. Joan was 45-years-old.


The Doctors: Death Of Prince

Drs: R.I.P. Prince, Doris Roberts & Chyna + Missing Bellybutton

In a special report, The Doctors shared the sad news of the passing of three Hollywood icons in less than a week: Prince, Doris Roberts, and Joan Laurer, a.k.a. Chyna. (nico7martin / Flickr)

Then, on Thursday April 21, music legend Prince died near his Paisley Park studio in Minnesota. A cause of death has not yet been determined. In early April 2016, Prince wasn’t feeling well and cancelled a concert in Atlanta. He performed in Atlanta a few days later, but on the way home, the singer became ill and his plane made an emergency landing. Just a week before he passed away, Prince greeted concerned fans and said “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” Prince was 57-years-old.


The Doctors: No Bellybutton After Tummy Tuck

On a different note, The Doctors then heard from a woman named Lori. She explained that as she was getting older, as hard as she tried she couldn’t lose her stomach “pooch.” After talking with friends who underwent tummy tucks, and seeing ads for a plastic surgeon on TV, she set up a consultation. She was told the surgery would be a breeze and was excited, believing the doctor would do a great job. After surgery, she discovered her bellybutton was gone. She called the doctor’s office and spoke with a nurse, who told her “it was supposed to be there.”

She went into the office and the surgeon looked at her stomach, with a surprised look on his face. He told her he could put it back “later” and when Lori asked when that would be he walked out the room and she never saw him again. To help Lori, The Doctors sent her to see Dr Andrew Ordon. She explained to Dr Ordon that she underwent surgery for a hernia when she was 12-years-old. When Dr Ordon looked at her stomach, he told her the area was definitely flat and her waist looked great, but there was certainly no bellybutton. The good news, is that there are techniques available to let Dr Ordon recreate a new bellybutton for Lori.

The Doctors: Woman Without A Bellybutton

Lori then joined the show, explaining that the journey has been a roller coaster for her. She shared that some people didn’t believe her, and said they thought she was just trying to get attention for money. But her bellybutton clearly isn’t there. Dr Ordon explained that the last step of a tummy tuck is to create a new hole and bring the bellybutton out where it was sitting on the abdominal wall. In Lori’s case, she had previous surgery around the bellybutton, which is a factor. He further explained that you’re relying on the blood supply coming from below to the bellybutton and during surgery, if something happens to jeopardize that, the surgeon may have to decide to not use the bellybutton, close things up and come back later to make a new one.

Dr Ordon also explained that if that was the case with Lori, the surgeon should have told her immediately while she was in the recovery room. The good news is that there is hope for Lori. The Doctors reached out to a plastic surgeon in Houston, who agreed to do the reconstruction surgery for Lori free of charge, if she passes the evaluation.

Dr Ordon joked that Lori got the sundae without the cherry on top, and it’s not time for her to have the whole thing.


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