Drs: Punishment Or Endangerment + Botched Surgery On Vacation


The Doctors: Tough Love Or Child Endangerment

One Tennessee mom decided she had enough of her two daughters missing the school bus, so she forced the two girls to walk on a busy highway as she was driving with them walking behind her car. Witnesses say she was driving about 150 feet in front of her kids as they walked in the cold and in heavy traffic for over a mile, while the school was still two miles away. The mom was charged with child neglect. The mom was also driving without a license and when the dad was called to the scene, he got into an altercation with the police with a knife. Dr Jennifer Ashton explained that you draw the line between tough love and child endangerment when it becomes dangerous.


The Doctors: 12-Year-Old Called Terrorist By Teacher

Drs: Punishment Or Endangerment + Botched Surgery On Vacation

Jake was on a work vacation in the Bahamas when he had to undergo emergency surgery. To this day, he still has no idea what the doctors did that left a 12-inch scar. (tigersamurai / Flickr)

Speaking of children, The Doctors then reported that a 12-year-old boy named Waleed Abushaaban claims he was humiliated by one of his teachers at First Colony Middle School. Waleed Abushaaban claimed that the class was watching a movie, a comedy, and when he laughed the teacher made a comment that “everyone thinks he’s a terrorist.” His classmates then followed along, teasing the boy. Waleed’s father believes his son was stereotyped because he’s Muslim. The teacher argued that she made the comment to make a point about negative stereotypes.


The school board issued a statement that said in part “District officials do not believe that the teacher exercised appropriate sensitivity  expected of the District’s educators and do not believe that the statements were made in a manner that is in keeping with the District’s core beliefs and commitments.”

What would you do if that happened to your son?

The Doctors: Emergency Abdominal Surgery In The Bahamas

The Doctors then shared the story of a man named Jake. He and his mother Shelly went to the Bahamas to work a poker tournament, treating it as a work vacation. As soon as Jake got to the Bahamas, his stomach began to hurt, bringing him to tears because of the severe pain. The stomach pain traveled to his groin and by the time they got to the hospital, he was doubled over screaming. The doctors at the hospital told him his appendix had burst and they needed to do surgery right away. He was told he would have a half inch- to an inch-long incision right below his bellybutton. When he woke up from surgery, the incision was over a foot long. The surgeon told him his appendix had ruptured, and they needed to clean out his organs.

The Doctors: Botched Surgery While In Paradise

Jake was horrified by how his stomach was stitched, revealing that for an incision that was at least 12 inches long, after two days he ended up with a total of only about 13 stitches. As he laid in the Bahamas hospital for five days, his condition seemed to only get worse. The doctor brought him back to a storage closet to change his dressing inside, which was not a sterile environment. Plus, when he coughed, blood would spew out of the incision. Shelly knew she had to get her son back to the U.S.

The Doctors: Scarred From Mysterious Surgery

Dr Ashton explained that pain the occurs out of nowhere and is located only on one side, radiating into the back or groin is class for kidney stone pain. Jake explained that the doctors in the Bahamas originally thought that and did an x-ray. The surgeon came in a couple hours later and said it was his appendix, although an x-ray won’t show a kidney stone. When Jake came back to the United States, the doctors he saw never saw any evidence that an exploratory surgery was needed in the first place. When Jake underwent surgery, his doctors found an intact appendix. They still have no idea what the doctors in the Bahamas did.

Dr Travis Stork pointed out that a hospital is one place that shouldn’t be dirty. If you’re going on a vacation, you should have a plan in place and know where the local hospital is and whether it’s safe.

Jake went to see board-certified dermatologist Dr Sonia Batra so she could look at Jake’s scar. She noticed how hard, wide, and depressed the scar was. She recommended silicone sheeting and injections to help with the pain, as well as laser treatments to help with the appearance. Dr Mohiba Tareen, a dermatologist in Minneapolis, agreed to follow to Dr Batra’s treatment plan for Jake, providing all the treatments free of charge.


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