Drs: Paying Criminals Not To Reoffend + KAMRA Inlay Eye Procedure

The Doctors: Paying Criminals Not To Commit Crimes

The Doctors then discussed a controversial new bill being pushed in Washington D.C. in hopes of fighting crime. The bill proposes paying criminals a stipend of up to $9,000 not to commit crimes. They welcomed the D.C. councilman behind the bill to explain his reasoning over the phone. Kenyan McDuffie claimed that he was focused on prevention, especially in areas where violence is systemic. He said the bill is focused on the needs and research over the years that shows violence is a public health problem which can be prevented by addressing the root causes, as opposed to addressing the symptoms.


Dr Rachael Ross seemed to be a fan of the bill, explaining that time has shown if there is poverty and no jobs, there’s going to be crime. She further explained that the criminals have to be trained and go through a problem, and then once that is completed they will receive the $9,000, which is just a fraction of what it costs to incarcerate someone. Kenyan argued that his bill is about a lot more than just paying criminals not to commit crimes.

Drs: Paying Criminals Not To Reoffend + KAMRA Inlay Eye Procedure

The Doctors spoke with the councilman behind a proposed bill that would provide criminals with financial incentives not to reoffend. (gt8073a / Flickr)

How do you feel about this proposed bill? Do you think it could help prevent violence and crime?


The Doctors: New Procedure Eliminates Need For Reading Glasses

Are you one of the more than 100 million Americans who reach for their reading glasses to help them get through the day? If so, a new procedure could help you finally toss those glasses once and for all. Dr Kerry Assil explained that the KAMRA Inlay is only about 1% the size of a contact lens, which is thinner than a human cell. It was just approved by the FDA and for the right candidate, can eliminate the need for reading glasses.

A woman who recently underwent the procedure to get the KAMRA Inlay shared that she can now read without glasses and can see at night as well as distances she couldn’t see before. Her headaches are completely gone as well, which proves that the procedure was an absolute success for her. The KAMRA Inlay fixes the “zoom” of the eye while Lasik fixes the “focus.” Because it’s an Inlay, it’s permanent, but it could technically be removed if an improvement or upgrade comes along.

Dr Assil explained that as you age, the pliability of the lens of the eye goes away, which means it can’t focus stray light as well. The Inlay works as a synthetic iris or pupil and filters out the stray light, letting the eye function as a much younger eye. It costs around $5,000 and isn’t covered by insurance. If you’re frustrated with wearing reading glasses, speak to your eye doctor about the KAMRA Inlay.


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