Drs: Mentalist Lior Suchard + Who Was Dr Rachael’s First Kiss


The Doctors: Shark Attack Saved Man’s Life?

The Doctors kicked off their November 24 episode by talking about a man named Eugene who was attacked by a shark in California, leaving him with intense chest and back pain. Because he was experiencing irregular breathing, he visited the hospital where it was determined that he had internal bleeding from blunt-force trauma. They also discovered, in that CAT scan, that he had a kidney on his tumor that was likely cancerous. The shark attack inadvertently saved his life! He was set up with an oncologist and surgeon, who removed the tumor from his kidney, so he’s now cancer free!

Before moving on, The Doctors shared that more than half of all shark attacks occur in California.


The Doctors: Mentalist Lior Suchard

Drs: Mentalist Lior Suchard + Who Was Dr Rachael's First Kiss

The Doctors welcomed mentalist Lior Suchard, who showed his incredible capabilities by conducting experiements on each of the co-hosts. (107621760@N03 / Flickr)


The Doctors then welcomed a man who calls himself a “supernatural entertainer.” His name is Lior Suchard and they were excited to welcome the mentalist to the show. Lior explained that psychics claim to talk to the dead, which he does “but they never answer back.” He said a mentalist is someone who very sensitive to how someone is thinking, such as their body language, which helps him read people. He said he’s not reading people’s minds, but he’s simply reading people.

Lior knew that The Doctors were skeptical of his work, so he wanted to sort-of “prove” himself. They told him a good blood pressure reading would be 120/80, while Dr Travis then thought about a bad number. Lior then looked at Dr Travis Stork before writing down numbers before showing it to Dr Jennifer Ashton. Dr Travis revealed that he was thinking 220/140, and Lior actually wrote down 240/120, which was mixed, but still incredibly close.

Dr Travis was completely stunned!

The Doctors: Who Was Dr Rachael’s First Kiss

Lior then turned to Dr Rachael Ross and asked her to think about her very first kiss, which happened when she was eleven. Nobody in the studio knew who her first kiss was. Lior then asked Rachael to count to eight, and then thought about the number of letters in his name. He asked her to think of the letter in the middle of his name, and then correctly guessed E. Lior then showed the name Kareem, which was 100% correct! Dr Travis and Dr Ashton were up out of their seats with excitement.

The Doctors: Man Who Can Read People

After focusing on the past, Lior then wanted to use people’s imaginations. He asked Dr Jennifer Ashton what she would draw inside of the circle that he drew, and she said a squiggly line and a tree, while Dr Rachael said a house. Dr Travis said a stick-figure. He then handed the piece of paper with the circle to a woman in the audience. He had her think of something she would draw inside the circle, and then drew three stars inside his own circle. He then walked up to the woman, looked her in the eye, tapped her on the forehead, then told her to do her drawing. She then drew three stars within her own circle!

The Doctors: Mentalist Purposefully Eliminates Blood Pressure

Lior then wanted to conduct an experiment that Lior said could be dangerous, and was never seen before on TV. Lior explained that he wanted Dr Travis to measure his own blood pressure to prove that the machine worked. He explained that he was inspired by The Doctors’ logo, an EKG line. He had The Doctors’ measure Lior’s pulse, acknowledging that he was indeed alive. They hooked him up to the blood pressure machine, while Dr Travis made repeated downward motions with his finger.

The blood pressure machine wasn’t picking up any blood pressure and Dr Travis wasn’t feeling a pulse. After about 30 seconds he was feeling a pulse coming back, while the machine showed it coming back as well. It truly scared Dr Travis to the point that he wanted to stop the experiment.

What do you think about Lior’s abilities? Do you believe that he’s legit and really knows what he’s doing?


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