Drs: Man Undergoes Minimally Invasive Vasectomy On Show


The Drs: Minimally Invasive Vasectomy

Drs: Man Undergoes Minimally Invasive Vasectomy On Show

The Doctors had their cameras rolling as a man underwent a vasectomy during their show. Would you be interested in a new, minimally invasive procedure? (perspective / flickr)

The Doctors heard from a man who shared that he started considering a vasectomy about two years ago. His name is Joseph and he said he realized when his daughter was about a year old, he didn’t want to go through the process a second time. His wife Rosalie asked him to wait a few years to see how they felt. Finally, Rosalie became more comfortable with the idea, because she knows that having kids is having a big commitment, and they don’t want to have an accidental pregnancy.


Joseph shared that quite a few of his friends have gotten vasectomies and have been able to be more comfortable physically, and he feels that it’s the man’s responsibility just as much at the woman’s to use birth control.

The Drs: Cutting Edge Vasectomy

The Doctors shared that Joseph was actually back in the procedure room, because he was going to be getting a live vasectomy right there during the show. What Joseph is getting isn’t the typical vasectomy, but instead is a non-invasive technique. They explained that it’s the least invasive way they can possibly do a vasectomy. They will give Joseph some numbing medicine without a needle and they can reach the vas deferens without using a scalpel.

Dr Aaron Spitz was the doctor performing the procedure and he explained that the vas deferens is a completely separate “plumbing” from everything else, which means all bodily fluids work the exact same way, except there’s no male reproductive cells in the secretions.


The Drs: “Live” Vasectomy

Later in the show, The Doctors checked back in on Joseph who was prepped and ready for the procedure. Dr Spitz said, “One small snip for Joseph, one large step for television.” Dr Spitz explained that he first had to grasp the vas deferens through the skin, and then reaches it through a very small puncture. Joseph said, “I feel great.”

Dr Spitz said the complication rate is minimal, at just 1-2%. Also, Joseph can get back to normal activities in one week, but has to continue to use other forms of birth control for three months. They will check an analysis to make sure that Joseph is sterile before they can stop using protection.

The Drs: Results Of Vasectomy

The Doctors shared that they’re trying to take the fear out of the procedure. They also shared that the cost of a vasectomy can be high, but as Dr Jennifer Ashton said, it’s still cheaper than having a child! Joseph’s procedure was a breeze and the audience gave him a standing ovation at the end of the show. The Doctors then surprised Joseph and Rosalie with a trip to Disneyland for their family.

Would you consider a vasectomy for you or your partner now after seeing how easy the new procedure is?


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