Drs: Lobby For Gun Violence Research + Impaled, Scars Update


The Doctors: Video Game About September 11 Attacks

The Doctors reported that the horrific images from 9-11 are now being used in a way that has caused more than just a bit of controversy. A video game called 8:46, which is the time the first plane hit the World Trade Center, was created by French students who say the game is a tribute to victims. They think the game will create empathy for victims, while it’s known that games de-sensitize people, so it would actually do the opposite. People who played the game admitted that it only makde them feel worse.

Do you think a video game about the September 11 terror attacks is appropriate?


The Doctors: Lobby For Gun Violence Research

Drs: Lobby For Gun Violence Research + Impaled, Scars Update

The Doctors discussed why Doctors for America are pushing for congress to lift a ban on gun violence research. (iluvcocacola / Flickr)


The Doctors then shared a Special Report on the deadly mass shooting in San Bernardino, reporting that just before the attack, doctors for the advocacy group Doctors for America, delivered a petition to congress to lift a ban on gun violence research. Physicians and health care workers from the group are asking politicians to “put patients over politics to help find solutions to our nation’s gun violence crisis.”

The Doctors: Gun Violence In America

Each day, 90 Americans are killed from gun violence, which Doctors for America views as a public health problem that needs to be researched. Since 1996, congress has banned efforts from the CDC to study gun violence, allegedly due to pressure from the NRA. Since 1996, the federal government has spent $240 million a year on traffic safety research, which has reportedly saved 360,000 lives. There’s been almost no publicly funded research on gun violence, which results in just as many deaths every year.

U.S. representative David Price from North Carolina said “We should all be able to agree that this debate should be informed by objective data and robust scientific research.” The San Bernardino shooting left 14 dead and close to two dozen people injured. It’s the deadliest mass shooting in the country since the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which left 28 dead.

Do you think more research needs to be done on gun violence in order to protect our citizens? Do you think it would make a difference?

The Doctors: Update On Woman Scarred After Kidnapping Attempt

The Doctors then switched gears to share an update on a woman named Cristin who was left severely scarred after escaping her attacker. She escaped the man’s truck and was running from him when she slipped down an embankment, landed directly on a tree branch that went threw her face. She was left with scars as a permanent reminder of the terrifying ordeal she went through. The Doctors had surprised her with a visit with a plastic surgeon, who would get rid of her scars for her.

Cristin underwent plastic surgery to get rid of her scars, helping her to finally move on from the event that turned her life around. The Doctors welcomed Cristin to th show to share her incredible results. Cristin was overwhelmed by the dramatic results, and was so grateful to The Doctors for helping her. It was truly a dramatic difference when looking at her before and after pictures.

Her plastic surgeon Dr Kathleen Waldorf explained that Cristin was just seven months out of surgery and she’ll only continue to improve moving forward. She was so glad to help Cristin.


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