The Drs: Liposuction & Stem Cell Therapy To Treat Optic Neuritis


The Drs TV: Optic Neuritis

The Doctors explained that most people turn to liposuction to get rid of unwanted fat, but for their next guest, liposuction was sought out for another reason entirely.

The Drs: Liposuction & Stem Cell Therapy To Treat Optic Neuritis

The Doctors took a closer look at how one woman used liposuction and stem cell therapy to treat her optic neuritis. (Lightspring /


A woman named Julia explained that four years ago she woke up a horrendous headache. She had never had headaches before, so she went to the hospital where they did all sorts of testing, but couldn’t find anything. A month after the initial headache, she lost her vision. She woke up to complete darkness. She said her number one thought was that she had to stay strong for her kids.

She made a phone call to her neurologist, who contacted an ophthalmologist. Dr. Geist diagnosed her with optic neuritis. About a week later, he called her mother and told her to take Julia to the emergency room for IV Solu Medrol. She did just that for five days and after the third day her vision came back. She was then put on 100 milligrams of Prednisone and after taking the medication for approximately six months, she gained around 100 pounds and her skin had stretched so bad that it caused bleeding.


The Doctors: Liposuction Restored Vision

She was told she could stay on the steroids but her organs were shutting down. They told her she had six months to a year to live, or she could go blind. She chose to go completely blind. A month later, Dr. Geist contacted her saying he found something that could really help her. He recommended stem cell therapy.

Dr. Mark H. Berman explained that a fat cell could have as many as a million stem cells in one cc of fat. He separated the stem cells and then put them back into Julia’s body.

Julia joined The Doctors and shared that she is doing so well. She said she was in complete darkness but now she is seeing so much better and feels so blessed. She said stem cell therapy is truly amazing and has given her her life back.

The Drs TV: Stem Cell Therapy To Save Eyesight

Dr. Berman explained that it’s just “dumb luck” that your fat is loaded with stem cells. He said they “get rid of all the grease” and process the fat cells, filter them out, and then give them back to the patient as a building block. He said hopefully, if there’s enough signals, it will tell the block what it needs to become. In Julia’s case, it’s zeroing in on the optic neuritis and that area, helping to restore her vision. He said the problem is in trying to figure out how to get her body to stop “tearing up” the disease.

Dr. Berman said with stem cell therapy, when you have an injury, you’re repairing it with “like tissue.” He said the stem cell can differentiate or turn into the tissue that is needed.

Julia said it takes a few days to recover from the procedure, and she has to go back every six to eight weeks to have it done. Dr. Ordon explained that it’s an investigative type of procedure.

Dr. Berman said the procedure is still undergoing investigation and all patients need to be properly informed. Dr. Stork made a point to say that this was an International Review Board approved investigative approach, and if you’re interested in stem cells, you should talk more to your doctor.


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