Drs: Kleptomania After Surgery + First Grader Guilty Of Assault?


The Doctors: Desire To Steal After Surgery

Plastic surgery can certainly be life-changing, but a woman in Brazil underwent plastic surgery and came out with bigger breasts, a tighter stomach, and allegedly kleptomania. According to medical reports, she was sent home a few days later. While out shopping, the mom grabbed an item from a store shelf, put it into her purse, and left. Security guards caught her and took her to a police station for questioning. Medical literature has reported a few other cases of kleptomania after surgery.


Dr Andrew Ordon wanted to make it clear that the side effect was from being under anesthesia, not the plastic surgery itself. Not only that, but it’s incredibly uncommon and practically impossible to prove. Dr Ordon added that there is no physiological explanation for it, and there’s a good chance the woman was already a kleptomaniac before surgery.

Drs: Kleptomania After Surgery + First Grader Guilty Of Assault?

A woman in Brazil allegedly developed kleptomania after undergoing plastic surgery. The Doctors discussed whether it was even logically possible. (rodeime / Flickr)

The woman reportedly underwent a functional MRI that revealed there was more blood flow to the area of the brain memory and learning occurs. Believe it or not, stranger things have happened. One man got a dental implant and woke up with foreign accent syndrome where he began speaking with a foreign accent. Also, organ transplant recipients have claimed to inherit their donor’s personalities.


The Doctors: 8-Year-Old Prosecuted For Assault?

The Doctors then switched gears a bit to talk about a first grader’s criminal offense. Texas police officials are dealing with a controversial case after a student was allegedly beaten and sexually assaulted by two other boys on the school bus. The offenders and the victim are only eight years old. The mother of the victim is outraged and demands the two boys be expelled from school. The police are still investigating the incident, but no charged have been filed because of the state law prohibiting charges on minors under the age of ten. So how should justice be properly served?

As troubling as the case may be, attorney Areva Martin was quick to point out that jail is not a place for a first grader. She added that there has to be a better way to handle the situation. A child that young likely doesn’t even realize the extent of their actions. Dr Jennifer Ashton also stated that a child that young shouldn’t even know about an act, unless they’ve seen it or had it done to them. It’s all the more reason to pay attention to what your kids are exposed to, in person and in media. It may be a good idea to intervene properly and make sure the boys understand the seriousness of their actions.

The school responded to The Doctors’ with a statement, part of which read “As soon as school personnel were made aware of the report, we immediately took action and continue to work closely with the parents and all authorities involved. Student safety is our top priority and we take reports of this treatment very seriously.”

The Doctors: Vitamin Vapors?

Next, The Doctors turned their attention to a popular new Instagram trend in Europe that could soon be coming to America. Vitamin Vapors, made by VitaStix, claims to deliver a water vapor mixed with vitamins and organic flavors, as well as collagen. Vapors are still unregulated by the government but are vapor vitamins really a good idea? Dr Ashton and Areva Martin agreed that you’re much better off just eating your vitamins like normal, or even just taking them in a more regulated form like a pill. Not to mention, it could turn into a gateway and cause kids to eventually start smoking.


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