Drs: Jamie Kennedy ‘Heartbeat’ & Dr Kathy Magliato Heart Surgery


The Doctors: Jamie Kennedy Doctor Role

Jamie Kennedy is known for his comedic roles, but lately he’s taken a role that’s slightly more serious, as he portrays a doctor on Heartbeat. The show is based on Dr Kathy Magliato, one of the top cardio-thoracic surgeons, who Jamie referred to as “a legend.” He also joked that he’s learning more on the show than he ever did in school, because each episode involves a new case “based on something really bananas.”

Jamie explained that he has to study for his role, so Dr Kathy, for example, will ask him to come and watch a guy get his spleen removed at 5 AM. He joked that he just YouTube’d it instead. Dr Kathy is the author of “Heart Matters” and she joined the show next to Jamie, as he acknowledged that she was a New York Times best-selling author.


The Doctors: Dr Kathy Magliato & Female Heart Surgeons

Drs: Jamie Kennedy 'Heartbeat' & Dr Kathy Magliato Heart Surgery

Jamie Kennedy and Dr Kathy Magliato discussed the new medical show “Heartbeat.” (gageskidmore / Flickr)


Dr Jennifer Ashton, who’s husband is a retired cardio-thoracic surgeon, stated that most people don’t realize how few female cardio-thoracic surgeons there are in the country. “You are the bomb,” she said, as Dr Andrew Ordon added “you were really a pioneer.”

Dr Kathy hopes her show inspires other women to go into heart surgery, because although the Board of Thoracic Surgery that does certification has been around since 1948, only 200-250 women have ever become heart surgeons.

It was really important for Dr Kathy to make the show as authentic as possible. She laughed as she remember a time during shooting when Jamie said he would be doing a “gasectomy” instead of a gastrectomy, which is the removal of the stomach. “You’re not removing gas from the colon, although I’m sure you’d be very good at that,” Dr Kathy joked to Jamie.

Jamie then got a little more serious as he explained that when he was 10-years-old he was diagnosed with a congenital heart block. When he was 14 he had a pace maker put in. Heartbeat premieres Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.


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