Drs: Jamie Kennedy ‘Heartbeat’ & Dr Kathy Magliato Heart Surgery

The Doctors: Jamie Kennedy Doctor Role

Jamie Kennedy is known for his comedic roles, but lately he’s taken a role that’s slightly more serious, as he portrays a doctor on Heartbeat. The show is based on Dr Kathy Magliato, one of the top cardio-thoracic surgeons, who Jamie referred to as “a legend.” He also joked that he’s learning more on the show than he ever did in school, because each episode involves a new case “based on something really bananas.”

Jamie explained that he has to study for his role, so Dr Kathy, for example, will ask him to come and watch a guy get his spleen removed at 5 AM. He joked that he just YouTube’d it instead. Dr Kathy is the author of “Heart Matters” and she joined the show next to Jamie, as he acknowledged that she was a New York Times best-selling author.

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