Drs: High-Tech Treatment For Anxiety + BodyFX For Cellulite


The Drs: Treatment For Anxiety

Drs:  High-Tech Treatment For Anxiety + BodyFX For Cellulite

The Doctors found out whether the BodyFX cellulite treatment really worked to reduce thigh dimples. (flickr)

The Doctors shared that Dr Jennifer Berman admits to having a bit of anxiety, which was why she was excited to try a new 30-second approach to finding some relief. Dr Berman shared that she has been stressed out with work and family, and heard about a new technique called Direct Neuro Feedback, hoping that it could help with her stress and anxiety.


She was told that small sensors would be put on her scalp that would pick up electrical activity in her brain. It then sends an electrical signal back through the same wires that are picking it up, going back to the brain. When she was asked if she felt anything, Dr Berman said no, and then was told that occasionally she wouldn’t notice a difference until the next day.

The Drs: Treating Anxiety With Electricity

Dr Berman said she went twice and the first time, afterward she felt nauseated and loopy, and couldn’t even drive. She said she apparently got over-stimulated, but within 2-3 hours it was “serene.” She said there’s science on it that shows it resets the sympathetic nervous system, so the fight or flight reaction that we struggle to shut off gets “electrically triggered.”

Dr Stork said the thing about anxiety is that each person has to figure out what their coping mechanism is. Dr Berman said the treatment has a good track record for people with PTSD or serious trauma, including professional athletes with serious brain injuries. She said managing stress with this technique is a bit of a stretch, but as a treatment for other problems, it’s been proven to work.


Would you try this treatment for your anxiety or recommend it to someone who has anxiety?

The Drs: BodyFX Treatment For Cellulite

The Doctors then wanted to take a closer look at a breakthrough treatment for cellulite. They heard from Patricia who shared that as a runner, she had no cellulite, but is now uncomfortable with how clothes are fitting her. Marla is self-conscious about her cellulite and shared that her problem areas tend to be the back of her thighs or the sides. No matter how much she exercises or eats right, it never seems to go away. Finally, Margaret is getting married next year and wants to look great as a newlywed.

The technology is called BodyFX and is basically a vacuum system that creates suction to get good distribution of energy through the fat cells, to actually melt the fat cells. The three women underwent the treatment to see if it would tighten and tone their problem areas.

The Drs: Results Of BodyFX Cellulite Treatment

They shared Marla’s before-and-after pictures, and you could definitely see an improvement after six treatments. Marla said her goal was to get her cellulite under control. She was thrilled with the results and would do it again in a heartbeat. They then shared Patricia’s before-and-after. After six treatments and six months later, her results were incredible. Lastly, Margaret’s legs looked impressively better, and she said her future husband loves her legs.

They key thing is continuing to work out after you get the procedure to tone your legs. Dr Jason Diamond did the procedures and he explained that you’re looking at $500 a treatment and it takes about six treatments to get the best results. There can also be a maintenance treatment three to six months after that as well. Dr Diamond said as long as people stick to the program and keep their lifestyle in check, this can be an effective treatment.


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