Drs: Hazel-E Rhinoplasty Revision & Nose Injury + Miscarriage

The Doctors: Hazel-E Accident & Nose Surgery

What if you were accused of staging an accident just so you could get a plastic surgery procedure done? Hazel-E from VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, was in that exact situation in 2015. She was in Dubai over Memorial Day weekend, riding ATV’s in the desert. She went to make a turn, not realizing it was a cliff. As she went over the cliff, both she and the bike fell down, causing her to hit her nose on the ATV. She blacked out and when she woke up, she was thankful to still have her teeth, but felt blood gushing from her face. She took off her head wrap and used it to apply pressure to her face.


Once she got to the hospital, the doctor told her she had a bad concussion and her nose was broken on the outside as well as the inside. She had to immediately fly back to Beverly Hills and was rushed into surgery. When she got out of surgery, the doctor told her they did the best they could, but she was terrified with how her nose would look. Because Hollywood is all about how you look, she was devastated with the results. She pointed out uneven nostrils and a large deviated septum as well as a scar. She now wants to fix it.

Drs: Hazel-E Rhinoplasty Revision & Nose Injury + Miscarriage

Former ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ star Hazel-E let The Doctors in on her journey to reconstruct her nose after a serious injury, and opened up about a devastating miscarriage. (vamedia / Flickr)


The Doctors: Rhinoplasty Revision

Hazel-E went to see a second, different plastic surgeon, Dr Ashkan Ghavami, for a rhinoplasty revision. He noticed that her septum was curved, so he was excited to lift the tip of her nose, re-shape it, and slim it down. He was confident that he could give Hazel-E the nose she wanted, while also allowing her to breathe easier.

A few weeks later, Hazel-E then joined the show to reveal her new nose. She explained that it was still slightly swollen, but was definitely thrilled with the results. Dr Ghavami explained that he basically had to take her nose apart, get back to the bone she was born with, and take cartilage from her ear to reconstruct her nose. Dr Andrew Ordon called out her haters saying she clearly didn’t just go through all of this for the nose job.

Hazel-E then opened up about a completely separate health condition she experienced recently. She suffered a miscarriage which was truly devastating for her. She explained that she has fibroids that she knew nothing about until she got pregnant. To make things worse, she opened up about the experience and was faced with more people online who claimed she was lying.

Brittany, Hazel-E’s sister, said Hazel-E didn’t look different, she looked happy and that’s what’s most important.


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