The Drs: Graves’ Disease & Bulging Eyes + Corrective Eye Surgery


The Doctors: Bulging Eyes After Pregnancy

There’s no doubt that a woman’s body goes through several physical changes during and after pregnancy. Maria never imagined that one body part in particular would bulge. For the last four years she’s been dealing with Graves’ disease. It all began four years ago with her second pregnancy. She started losing weight and was really skinny. Her eyes appeared to look like they were bulging, but she didn’t realize just how much her eyes had changed until she looked through pictures. When she saw a doctor, she was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, and says bulging eyes are the worst symptom.


After she had her son, her condition got worse, to the point that her eyes were so swollen and bulged that her eyelids couldn’t cover her eyeballs completely. Her bottom eyelashes started growing into her eye, which makes her feel as if she constantly has a row of daggers poking her in the eye. She regularly deals with pain and her eyes are sensitive to light, which means she’s on edge just driving her kids around. About a year ago the pain in her right eye was so bad she had to go to the hospital. She’s been called a pug or “bug eyes” and can’t stand what she sees in the mirror, although her husband had always loved her and thought she was beautiful no matter what.

The Drs: Graves' Disease & Bulging Eyes + Corrective Eye Surgery

Maria noticed her eyes were beginning to bulge after her second pregnancy, but as the problem only got worse, she finally decided to undergo surgery to solve the problem. (dm-set / Flickr)


The Doctors: Correct Eye Surgery For Graves’ Disease

Maria decided to undergo corrective surgery and The Doctors were there to catch it all. Dr Mehryar Ray Taban explained that he was going to make Maria’s eye socket bigger by removing some bone and fat behind the eyeball, letting her eyeball sink back a little more, helping her look more like her old self. He began by slowly chipping off bone from the lateral wall of the eye socket, then moved to the medial wall. He was very pleased with the result, saying he would truly be able to tell how well it worked in about a month.

Maria was treated to a full makeover to get all glammed up for her big reveal. She walked out, showing off a beautiful transformation and a glowing smile. Maria then got a look at herself in full hair and makeup for the first time in years and was absolutely elated. It was evident that her eyes were no longer bulging, and she was able to feel like a normal woman again.

Dr Taban explained that in his 10 years of surgery, Maria had one of the most dramatic changes in eye shape from Graves’ disease, but she also had one of the most amazing results.


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