Drs: Glasses Improve Visual Processing Disorder + Irlen Syndrome


The Drs: Irlen Syndrome

The Doctors shared that from an early age, Lauren’s son had trouble focusing his eyes and complained about bright light. Traditional eye doctors failed to help so she tried something completely different.

Drs: Glasses Improve Visual Processing Disorder + Irlen Syndrome

The Doctors took a closer look at how filtered glasses are used to help those with Irlen Syndrome, a visual processing disorder. (F.Schmidt / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Lauren Stearns shared that her son Connor had been struggling with reading and light sensitivity ever since preschool. Connor shared that when he was under fluorescent lighting he got sleepy, and sometimes the words would “wiggle,” making it hard for him to read. Dr Stearns said she had known about Irlen syndrome for years because his best friend has worn filters. They took Connor in to be tested and the difference was instantaneous.

As soon as Connor put on the filters, his body relaxed and he started reading. She also had her daughter tested and realized she benefited from the filters as well. Dr Stearns then did the testing as well and said as soon as she got the filters, “everything changed.” She can drive easily and has energy throughout the day now.

The Drs: Glasses Improve Visual Processing Disorder

Lauren and the creator or the Irlen Method, Helen Irlen, joined The Doctors. Helen said the lenses calm the brain down and allow the brain to accurately process visual information. The Doctors wanted to put the method to the test so they sent a local music composer named Hayley, who has always had trouble with reading, to the Irlen Institute.


Hayley said ever since she started reading, the letters would move around on the page, making it impossible for her to read. She was taken from one neurologist to the next, but none of them could figure out why she couldn’t read. She tried to take music lessons, but couldn’t read the music because the notes would move all around on the lines.

Because she couldn’t read the music, she decided to write her own. She uses computer ticks, which are colored bars on a grey background, and has no problem seeing those, as opposed to black letters on a white background. Helen Irlen created glasses for Hayley, who said they’ve been a game-changer.

The Drs: Irlen Method Helps People See

Helen explained that they deal with people who have been potentially misdiagnosed. She said there are a lot of people in the general population who are paying a price and don’t even realize it. They posted self-tests on her website so that people could check it out themselves to see if it could apply to them.



  1. James C. Hall says

    Dear Doctors: I have a Grandson who is nine years of age. He was born at 22 weeks and weighed 1 lb.1 0z. At present he is a vibrant young fella with a memory that surpass all others. There are times that he declines to read and will crawl back into a shell. He does not read well and complains about sensitivity to light and headaches. At present he is being home schooled with an ex Principal that developed curriculum for the Texas school system. I am hoping that he can re-enter the school system in the up coming year. Until your episode with Dr. Stearns I thought we were lost. At the present time I am looking for someone in the Austin, Killeen, Temple Texas area that is familiar with filters. If there is help that is in my area I would really appreciate your help.

    Thanks Very Much
    MSG. Ret.
    James C. Hall

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