The Drs: Dr Travis Stork Benign Vertigo + Epley Maneuver


The Drs: Dr Travis Stork Medical Emergency

The Doctors shared that yesterday was no ordinary day for Dr Travis Stork. A day before the taping of this show, Dr Stork complained that his entire world was spinning and it was clear he wasn’t himself. They called a doctor to come in and check him out. Dr Stork explained that he woke up with severe vertigo, and called Dr Ted Mcrackan, a neurotologist.

Dr Stork said he self-diagnosed himself with benign vertigo but called in a specialist because his world was spinning. He said he turned his head to the left and “felt like he was in a ship that was about to go down.” Dr Drew Ordon joked that he’s always been a dizzy host.


Dr Stork said at that moment it felt just like a constant unsteadiness. He had no other health problems, but did just get into a bike accident. He also had water in his ear and shook his head vigorously to try to get it out. He can’t remember if he hit his head in the bike accident.

The Drs: What Is Vertigo?

The Drs: Dr Travis Stork Benign Vertigo + Epley Maneuver

Dr Travis Stork came down with a bad case of vertigo and had to have a specialist on set perform the Epley maneuver to help him. (america365 /


Dr Ordon pointed out that the inner ear is involved with hearing, as well as balance and vertigo. Dr Mcrackan explained that the crystals involved in a portion of the inner ear can get dislodged and set the body off to make your body think it’s moving when it’s not. When you turn your head to the side, the crystals move, causing vertigo.

Dr Stork said benign vertigo can be easily treated, but vertigo can also be caused by much more serious things, like tumors. There are maneuvers that Dr Mcrackan was going to do in hopes of fixing the vertigo, and he explained that he was going to start on his right side because Dr Stork’s symptoms seem to be on his left.

The Drs: Epley Maneuver Vertigo Treatment

He demonstrated the Epley maneuver for vertigo. He had Dr Stork turn his head to the side and lean back with his eyes open to look and see if his eyes are rotating. He then did the other side and said he could see Dr Stork’s eyes rotating. He held his head in that position for 45 seconds to a minute. He then quickly rotated Dr Stork’s head 180 degrees to the other side, and tapped on his head to get the crystals moving.

He then rotated Dr Stork up on his side to allow gravity to do its job with the crystals. He had Dr Stork slowly sit up. Dr Mcrackan said you can feel off for a few days. Dr Stork said it’s jarring, especially when it happens all of the sudden.


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