Drs: Dascha Polanco Health Routine + Botched Breast Surgery


The Doctors: Dascha Polanco Health Regimen

The Doctors welcomed Orange is the New Black actress Dascha Polanco, who actually used to work in a hospital. Dascha admitted she was ignorant to the fact that women are actually pregnant in prison. She recently worked on a film called Joy with Robert De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence, which she is really excited about.


The Doctors then shared a sneak peek into Dascha’s health regimen. A look inside her fridge revealed coconut water, hummus, Greek yogurt, grapes, green banana, eggplant, kale, and seltzer. She works out at least three times a week with a personal trainer. She then had a question for The Doctors, wondering how she can control cravings around her “time of the month.” Dr Rachael Ross said to go ahead and just embrace them. Everything in moderation!

Drs: Dascha Polanco Health Routine + Botched Breast Surgery

Dascha Polanco from “Orange is the New Black” joined The Doctors to reveal her health routine. (peabodyawards / Flickr)


The Doctors: Botched Lopsided Breasts Update

The Doctors reminded everyone of a woman who appeared on their show after she underwent a breast augmentation, only to later have the implant leak and fold while still inside her. She was left with one DD and one A cup. Dr Drew Ordon offered to replace both her implants free of charge, and The Doctors were there to follow her journey. They used a new implant that is much more durable and natural, and Amy couldn’t wait to join The Doctors to share her results.

Amy said she felt better than she has in a long time and was certainly thankful for their help.

The Doctors: Tips For Caregivers

Taking care of an elderly or disabled family member can be exhausting and overwhelming, which is why The Doctors welcomed author of “Juggling Life, Work, and Caregiving” Amy Goyer. Amy has some great practical tips for caregiving, beginning with getting organized, becuase 60% of caregivers are also working as well. Second, look to technology because apps have changed the face of caregiving. AARP’s new app can help you stay organized and communicate with your caregiving team. Third, you should connect with other caregivers through support groups in person or online.

Lastly, most important, you need to take care of yourself because you can’t neglect your own health and well being. Pay attention to what makes you happy. Sleep, eat well, and exercise when possible.

The Doctors: Narcolepsy On ‘The Simpsons’

Next, The Doctors shared a clip from The Simpsons, in which Homer Simpson received a shocking diagnosis of narcolepsy. Dr Raj Dasgupta joined the show to talk about why the episode caused such a stir in the medical community. Dr Raj explained that people with narcolepsy are often perceived as lazy, and in the episode, they were right to show that both before and after a diagnosis, people with narcolepsy tend to have marital problems as well as problems at work. What the show got wrong was how simple it was to diagnose Homer’s condition, because narcolepsy often takes a lot of sleep studies and other research before getting an answer.

The Doctors: Donald Trump Medical Records

For The Doctors’ News in 2:00, they began by sharing that CNN has reported that Donald Trump is stalling on the release of his medical records, which came to light after it was revealed that in an old interview from 1999 on Larry King Live, Donald Trump said all those running for presidency should show their medical records. Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush have all released their medical records, and Trump recently tweeted “Health, stamina, and strength are one of [his] greatest assets.”

Trump has reportedly instructed his doctor to release his medical records. If Trump is elected to office he will be the oldest standing president at 70-years-old.

The Doctors: Rabbit Fever Outbreak

Next, the CDC issued an alert that 100 people in four states have been infected with the rare bacterial disease rabbit fever, which is spread when humans touch an infected animal, consume contaminated food, or are bitten by infected ticks. Symptoms range from skin ulcers to fever, and even sepsis. Usually, it can be treated by antibiotics.

The Doctors: Amy Schumer On Gun Violence

Amy Schumer recently spoke out against gun violence since a shooting at her movie Train Wreck. Now, after the San Bernardino attacks, Schumer is speaking out to her Twitter followers, urging them to contact their state representatives asking for stronger gun control. Schumer tweeted “This is absolutely heartbreaking-all my love to everyone in San Bernardino especially the first responders.”She also added “These shootings must stop.”

The Doctors: Treating Melanoma With Herpes

It was recently discovered that a genetically engineered cold sore virus can actually help blow up melanoma tumors. It was just FDA approved to treat melanoma, based on a study done on those with melanoma that couldn’t be surgically removed. The virus should only be given to those with strong immune systems, but it’s great news for those with skin cancer. As always, prevent melanoma with sunscreen. There are other ways besides the sun to get a tan!

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