The Drs: Cuddlr App + Half Baby’s Brain Disconnected To Cure Seizures


The Drs TV: Cuddlr App

The Doctors talked about the new app called Cuddlr that can “take you from single to spooning in a matter of minutes.”

If you’ve ever simply just wanted someone to cuddle with, there’s now an app for that. The commercial for the app shows a woman requesting a cuddle, and then a man accepting the request. The ad then explains that you can cuddle in public or in private, and the app provides real walking directions to get you to your cuddle partner. It’s an actual app for cuddling with strangers.


The Doctors: App For Cuddling With Strangers

Dr. Jim Sears explained that the app makes it clear it’s not about anything more than cuddling and if you want something else you should use a different app. He said there was actually mostly guys on the app. Dr. Jennifer Berman pointed out that the app promotes intimacy with a stranger, but The Doctors explained that you at least get to see what the person looks like.

Dr. Sears said the app is only a month old and already has 30,000 users, which shows that a lot of people want to cuddle. Dr. Travis Stork said social interaction is one thing, but interacting with someone knowing you’re about to cuddle is hard to envision. The Doctors said cuddling is pretty intimate, but it can actually be beneficial for your health. Dr. Rachael Ross was just a little unsure that an app was needed to find someone to cuddle with. She said you should hug someone you care about and cuddle with the ones you love instead of a stranger.


The Drs TV: Surgery For Baby Suffering From Seizures

The Drs: Cuddlr App + Half Baby's Brain Disconnected To Cure Seizures

The Doctors talked to the parents of the baby who had half her brain disconnected in order to stop her seizures. (musicman /

The Doctors then shared that when they first heard the story of a baby named Hayden, they thought it was a miracle. Kimberly, Hayden’s mom, explained that a few hours after Hayden was born, she noticed that she was having spasms about every hour. She showed the video of her daughter’s spasms to her doctor, who then told her Hayden was having a seizure.

Keith, Hayden’s dad, said he felt hopeless seeing his daughter laying there with all the machines hooked up to her. The neurologist diagnosed Hayden with a rare brain malformation called Hemimegalencephaly. Kimberly said the thing that stuck out most to her when she researched the condition was “prognosis: poor.” She was unsure if her baby would be able to walk, talk, or even live.

Hayden’s parents tried different medications that would work temporarily, but then she would go right back to having seizures twice, even three times as bad as they were before. Initially, Kimberly and Keith were told that the surgery that could be conducted on Hayden, shouldn’t be considered until after she was a year old. Kimberly then started doing research and found many families who said they never once regretted having their kids undergo the procedure, but regretted not having done it sooner.

The Doctors: Baby With Hemimegalencephaly

With the clock ticking, Kimberly searched for a doctor that would be willing to save her daughter’s life. She then went to Phoenix Children’s Hospital where they met Dr. David Adelson, the chief of neurosurgery. Dr. Adelson said when they first saw baby Hayden, they saw that she had an entire hemisphere of her brain that was abnormal and malformed. Hayden’s parents were recommended to have Hayden undergo a cerebral hemispherectomy, which is the removal of the whole hemisphere. Dr. Adelson explained that rather than removing the whole hemisphere, they would go through a series of cuts in order to just disconnect the abnormal hemisphere from the rest of the brain and the body.

The hemisphere of the brain is not completely removed, which decreases the amount of blood loss and is no longer interfering with the function of the rest of the body and the brain. Dr. Adelson said he knew that the younger the patient was when the surgery was conducted, the better they would do in the long run. He explained that the brain in a young child “is a wonderful thing because it’s so plastic.” He said it’s expected that the normal side of the brain would take over the functions that Hayden would need for her activities and daily living.

The Drs TV: Half Baby’s Brain Disconnected To Cure Seizures

Keith said Dr. Adelson gave them hope that Hayden was actually going to crawl, walk, and talk. Kimberly said that because the prognosis was no longer poor, they were pushed to decide to go ahead with the surgery on their schedule.

Hayden’s surgery was just done about a month and a half ago, and The Doctors welcomed Kimberly, Keith, and Hayden to the show. Kimberly shared that Hayden has been seizure-free since the surgery. Dr. Jim Sears explained that the earlier the surgery in done, the more time the brain has to figure out how to compensate for only having one half of it. Kimberly and Keith explained that including pre-op and post-op, the surgery took about six hours.

Hayden’s prognosis is now very good and she’s even been hitting her milestones. Dr. Stork said it seems like a miracle, and Kimberly said the process has been exhausting and the two of them actually missed out on going on a honeymoon. The Doctors set the couple up with airfare for two, and a five night six day vacation at an exclusive resort in Naples, Florida.


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