Drs: Crowdfunding For Implants + Botched Breast Surgeries


The Doctors: Crowdfunding For Breast Augmentation

Dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee, psychotherapist Mike Dow, and attorney/advocate Areva Martin joined the show. Dr Travis Stork invited them to discuss the surprising story about a crowdfunding website called My Free Implants that allows women to raise money for breast augmentation surgery. Hollie, who used the site to fund her own plastic surgery, joined the show via Skype from Arizona. Hollie performed an online search for breast augmentation discounts, and My Free Implants was the first result so she signed up to try it out.


The Doctors: Website To Raise Money For Breast Implants

Drs: Crowdfunding For Implants + Botched Breast Surgeries

A website that helps women raise money for breast implants, caught the attention of The Doctors, who debated whether it was a good idea. (descrier / Flickr)

Anyone can set up a free profile, then add photos and write a short bio. Then, users can connect with other users and comment on their photos or blogs. Hollie said it was a great way to meet people online and make some friends. Areva said she was shocked by some of the provocative photos and videos that were shared on the website. Hollie explained that it’s different for everyone. Hollie’s husband was actually okay with her using the site, because he had wanted to pay for the surgery for her, but the money went to their daughter instead. He was excited that Hollie had the opportunity.


Areva admitted that she was worried about young women using the site and feeling like they needed to pose provocatively to get free surgery. Dr Dow added that close to 15% of people seeking plastic surgery have body dysmorphic disorder, so you would have to worry about mental conditions too. You always have to wonder about the people who are donating to women on the site as well.

Dr Travis Stork argued that those men should be donating to breast cancer research instead. What do you think? Is the website a good idea? Would you use it or donate to it?

The Doctors: Botched Breast Implant Surgery On Purpose?

Dr Stork then moved on to report that several women in Jacksonville, Florida are claiming their plastic surgery botched their breast implant surgeries on purpose. Dr Loren Clayman allegedly overfilled the women’s breast implants with saline and then blamed the problem on the implants and billed the manufacturers to reimburse him. Dr Stork acknowledged that there are a lot of ways to commit fraud in the medical industry. He was so disturbed by the ethical aspect of this story, and the fact that the doctor purposefully botched the surgeries. Some of the women even went back to that same doctor 3-4 times, because they didn’t know any better at the time.

Reportedly, a lot of patients have come out in support of the doctor. But if the allegations are true, it’s a pretty disturbing case. Mike Dow said a patient should always research their doctor and follow their gut feeling. A license is so important! Plus, go ahead and get a second opinion if you feel that you need one.

When The Doctors reached out to Dr Clayman, his attorney responded by saying “We have conducted a review of the four lawsuits filed. That review included review by review by and support from a qualified independent medical expert. We do not believe the claims have merit and have filed a motion to dismiss in each case. Otherwise I cannot comment other than to say we will defend the cases in court.”


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