Drs: Chronic Hemorrhoids + What Would You Do For Money?

The Doctors: Embarrassing Hemorrhoid Struggle

It can be really hard to talk about an embarrassing health issue, but Sara, a 31-year-old woman from Atlanta, knew she had to open up about her hemorrhoids after suffering for five years straight. She found out about them when she was eight weeks pregnant with her second daughter. She got together with her gynecologist, who told her hemorrhoids during pregnancy were normal. After going hemorrhoid free for three months after giving birth, she thought they were a thing of the past, until they came back even worse.


She was given a prescription cream that didn’t work and they proceeded to get so bad that Sara began thinking something more serious was going on with her body. She was constantly in severe pain but her doctor told her either she could use the cream or just deal with them for the rest of her life, not providing any other options. The hemorrhoids have even affected the intimacy in her marriage, as well as her self confidence, which is why The Doctors were hoping to finally get Sara the help she needed.

Drs: Chronic Hemorrhoids + What Would You Do For Money?

A mom turned to The Doctors for help after living with uncomfortable hemorrhoids for five years. (mislav-marohnic/ Flickr)


The Doctors: Help For Mom With Chronic Hemorrhoids

Sara paid a visit to Dr David Rosenfeld, a proctologist, sharing that she was even experiencing blood in her stool. He examined her and found several hemorrhoids, which he was thankfully able to treat. As embarrassing as they can be, good for Sara for coming forward about her hemorrhoids! Dr Rosenfeld discovered that the external hemorrhoid was the source of her discomfort, but the internal hemorrhoids were what causing the blood in her stool.

He treated the internal hemorrhoids by shrinking them, which could also help the external hemorrhoid indirectly. He also suggested that she consume a lot of fiber to also help the external hemorrhoid resolve on its own. He further explained that if the external hemorrhoid persists, she can always come back and have it removed with a simple procedure.

The Doctors: What Would You Do For Money?

The Doctors were then joined by Dr Jim Sears who joined in their discussion about a recent survey about what people would really do for money. For $1 billion, 6% of people said they would murder someone. For $100 million, 10% said they would kick a kitten or a puppy. Most disturbing, for $1,000, 13 people said they would murder someone. For the survey, 1,000 people with surveyed and men were 2-3 times more likely to do something questionable than women.

What would you be willing to do for a good amount of money?


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