The Drs: Calf Liposuction To Fit Into Boots + How To Beat Boot Bulge


The Doctors: Dealing With Boot Bulge

The Doctors started the show by saying that some people are going to extremes to get their bodies in shape for fall. They explained that some women who are struggling to fit their calves into tight boots, are turning to surgery to fix the problem. It’s a surgical procedure that can take 10 months to recover from, but many women are going under the knife anyway.

The Drs: Calf Liposuction To Fit Into Boots + How To Beat Boot Bulge

The Doctors talked about the plastic surgery that many women are having done in order to be able to fit into their fall boots. (Volodymyr Krasyuk /


Dr. Matthew Shulman joined the show via Polycom and explained that he does a fair number of the so-called “boot bulge” liposuction procedures. Dr. Shulman said the procedure is actually very popular, but said the legs are very tricky when it comes to plastic surgery because, as with all plastic surgery, it takes a while for the swelling to go down. The calves will stay swollen for a while, but most people are looking and feeling good within a few months after the surgery.

Dr. Drew Ordon said Dr. Shulman was “onto something” saying it’s not new to do liposuction on the ankles, calves, or knees because they’re all areas that could make it tougher for women to fit into boots. Dr. Jennifer Berman argued that thick ankles and calves can be a deal breaker for some women and some men, so it’s understandable that women would want to do something about it.

Dr. Travis Stork said they’ve talked about cankles before, and that makes more sense to him that going under the knife in order to fit into boots. Dr. Ordon and Dr. Berman argued that if Dr. Stork had cankles, he would be more understanding. Dr. Rachael Ross said it wasn’t about cankles, and they were specifically talking about trying to get calves to fit into boots.


The Drs TV: Liposuction On Calves To Fit Into Boots

Dr. Shulman showed before and after pictures of a woman who got liposuction in order to beat the boot bulge and The Doctors said the picture were impressive. Dr. Berman said there are options available for women struggling to fit into their boots such as stretching the leather with alcohol and water. She said there are boots that are now made with stretchy material.

Dr. Ordon explained that during the procedure, a small incision is made and they use micro-materials, but the patient will have to use compression on the area for several months after surgery. Dr. Schulman explained that calf liposuction runs for around $5,500. Dr. Ordon joked that if you go to Beverly Hills, he’ll do it for $5,000.

Dr. Stork said he isn’t saying the procedure shouldn’t be done, but when you’re talking about that part of the body, that long of recovery, and that much money, he is shocked by it. Dr. Ordon said you’ll see an immediate change in patients, and you’ll look completely healed in eight months.

Dr. Schulman said they’re taking the approach that the procedure is done to fit into boots better, but really it’s a side effect and a side benefit. He said the truth is that the woman who can’t fit their calves into their boots don’t feel comfortable with their calves no matter what they’re wearing. He said it’s just during the fall season when they’re trying to wear the fashionable boots, that they realize they’re too tight, illustrating that their calves are bigger. Dr. Schulman said they’re “obviously doing it for other reasons, not just for the boots.”

Dr. Ross said to keep in mind that you can actually take your boots to the shoe repair place and have them expand them for you in order to fit your legs. An alteration like that will cost just $20-30. Dr. Ordon admitted the procedure is a little extreme, but said some of his happiest patients have undergone the procedure.


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