Drs: Bullying Victim Ear Pinning Surgery + Prevent Heart Disease


The Doctors: Surgery For Young Victim Of Bullying

According to the National Education Association, over 160,000 kids stay home every day just to avoid being bullied. Fifteen-year-old Ryan was tired of being picked on and bullied, and decided he no longer wanted to be a part of that statistic. The high school freshman is constantly taunted, with his peers making fun of his ears and how much they stick out. Ryan reached out to Dr Andrew Ordon to see if there was anything that could be done. Through the Ordon Chopra Plastic Surgical Foundation, Dr Ordon was able to help Ryan, who didn’t have the funds to get the surgery he badly wanted.


Dr Ordon removed excess cartilage and created a more natural-looking ear for Ryan. His ears were sticking out three and a half centimeters, and he wanted to bring it in to just two centimeters. Ryan was thrilled to joined the show, revealing his incredible transformation. He said he was no longer afraid to take pictures and it was pretty evident that he’s one handsome, photogenic teen!

Drs: Bullying Victim Ear Pinning Surgery + Prevent Heart Disease

A young boy who had been the victim of bullying for years, finally got the ear pinning surgery he wanted thanks to Dr Ordon’s foundation. (irrational_cat / Flickr)

His mom Lynda was so grateful to see her son back to his old self. Dr Ordon was thrilled to know that his surgery made such a big difference in Ryan’s life. He continues to help those in need with his foundation.


The Doctors: Heart Disease Prevention

On a different note, The Doctors wanted to take the time to talk about how preventative care can keep you from becoming another heart disease statistic. Dr Jennifer Ashton shared that 80% of heart disease is preventable, which is why Dr Tanya Elliott suggested you start with a simple screening blood test, especially if you have a history of  heart disease or high cholesterol in your family. For the average person with high cholesterol, the test can look at both your good and bad cholesterol. You can also talk to your doctor about a comprehensive treatment plan to improve your numbers.

If you can’t see your doctor, you can always use the Doctor on Demand app. Of course, a healthy diet and regular exercise is practically a fool-proof way to improve your health.

The Doctors: Texting & Pressure On Your Spine

It was then revealed that according to a new study, looking down at your cellphone is the equivalent of putting a 60-pound weight on your neck. Looking down creates a curve in the spine, putting weight on your spine. To combat that, try holding your phone at eye-level or simply using your phone less often!

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