Drs: Botched Plastic Surgery To Remove Excess Skin Under Arms


The Doctors: Botched Skin Removal Surgery

The Doctors introduced a woman who wanted to treat herself to a little plastic surgery after meeting her weight loss goals. But what happened instead, was a procedure gone devastatingly wrong. In her 20’s she weighed over 400 pounds and finally made changes, beginning by cutting soda out of her diet. After three years, she lost 289 pounds. She couldn’t lose any more weight because she had 35-40 pounds of excess skin on her body. She was looking into skin removal surgery for a couple years when she finally found a doctor that would take her insurance, agreeing to remove the extra skin under her arms.


Coming out of surgery, she was instructed to keep her arms wrapped. She woke up the next morning in excruciating pain, so she called a professional nurse, a friend of her’s, and asked her to come over to the house. When she unwrapped her arms, “it was the most gruesome thing she had ever seen in her life.” The doctor ended up taking off too much skin, so she had no choice but to go back. He took skin off both sides of her body and put it underneath her arms, before telling her it was infected and the skin grafts didn’t take. She was told the nerve damage would be too bad so it would be easier to just amputate both her arms.

Drs: Botched Plastic Surgery To Remove Excess Skin Under Arms

A woman turned to The Doctors for help after her excess skin removal surgery went horribly wrong. (armymedicine/ Flickr)

Thankfully, another doctor was able to heal the incisions but she’s left with chronic pain, nerve damage, and scarring. She’s disabled at the age of 40.


The Doctors: Botched Plastic Surgery

Angie wrote to The Doctors seeking help, trusting Dr Andrew Ordon to lead her to where she needed to be. Angie explained that she didn’t go see a board certified plastic surgeon, she actually saw a general surgeon without a plastic surgeon license. Dr Ordon then took a look at Angie’s arms, and then said he would discuss her case with his partner Dr Chopra.

Angie was then on the show and shared that she hasn’t been able to be the mom she wanted to be, which is why she lost the weight in the first place. She constantly has to ask her husband for help doing even basic things because of the pain in her arms.

The Doctors: Is There Hope For Mom With Painful Scars?

Angie’s weight had fluctuated a little bit since her last procedure, which Dr Ordon said actually helped her case. Dr Ordon said based on his examination, there’s room for significant improvement. He said they can remove most if not all of the skin graft that was placed, as well as the scars that have healed so poorly. He said there’s a lot of potential and a lot of hope out there for Angie.

Because Angie doesn’t live anywhere near The Doctors, she also saw Dr Matthew Smith of Great Lakes Plastic Surgery Center, who has agreed to perform her surgery and wave all of his fees. Angie’s husband said it’s been rough for the last two years so it’s a real joy for them. Angie was incredibly grateful for The Doctors’ help.


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