Drs: Botched Breast Augmentation Caused Deflated Implant


The Drs: Botched Breast Augmentation

Drs: Botched Breast Augmentation Caused Deflated Implant

One woman shared with The Doctors how a botched breast augmentation led to one deflated implant and a lot of physical and emotional pain. (Nejron Photo / Shutterstock.com)

The Doctors shared that after Amy underwent a makeover, unlike most patients, she actually kept her body hidden for years. Amy shared that she was always flat-chested and was barely an A cup. After she had her son, her breasts got even smaller and started to sag. She found a doctor in the area who “looked good on paper” and made them feel confident. She  took out a loan and made an appointment for the surgery a week later. A month later the stitches kept coming undone, and her breasts looks squared and engorged.


She went back in for her checkup and the doctor told her he would call her in three months and the swelling should go down by then, and that was the last time she heard from him. She started having numbness and pain from her armpit down to her elbow. She tried to contact the doctor, but his office was closed down.

They were watching the local news when they found out that the doctor was accused of butchering patients and agreed to give up his medical license.

The Drs: Deflated Breast Implant

A year after surgery, she got pregnant with her second child. Slowly her left breast started to get smaller and smaller, and she had continual pain as well as flu-like symptoms. She got an X-ray done and found out that her implant leaked fully and folded in half. She now has one DD and one A cup.


Her husband hasn’t seen her chest since all this happened because she changes in different rooms, locks the door while she showers, or keeps a shirt on when they get close. Her husband tried to comfort her all the time but she feels incredibly insecure, constantly having to stuff her bra.

The Drs: Deflated Implants Causing Pain

The Doctors welcomed Amy and her husband to the show. Amy shared that she was ashamed and embarrassed that she took out a loan to get the procedure done, and didn’t want to be seen as a failure. Her husband Marco said he knew something was wrong but he didn’t want to cross a boundary and make his wife feel even more uncomfortable. He said he knew his wife would share what was going on when she was ready.

Dr Drew Ordon said nature didn’t mean for her to be lopsided. He showed her a fully-filled implant and a deflated one. He explained that when the implant deflates, the saline is gone and scar tissue forms around it. The scar tissue can then start pulling on muscle and nerves, which can cause all the pain Amy’s had.

The Drs: Finding The Right Plastic Surgeon

Dr Travis Stork told Amy she shouldn’t be ashamed, because it’s happened to other people. He said the message is that you need to make sure your future surgeon has the credentials you’re looking for. He suggested asking around and getting referrals. Plus, make sure they’re board certified and that there are no cases against them.

Dr Rachael Ross said to avoid something that seems “too good to be true.” Dr Ordon said a nice piece of paper and a slick office doesn’t mean they’re board certified.

Amy said she didn’t know where to go from there. Dr Ordon said it sounded like she needed to come see him. He said he can’t answer her questions without seeing her in consultation. If he found her to be a good surgical candidate, he would replace both of her implants free of charge.


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