Drs: 90-Pound Teen With Jaw Defect Needs Life-Changing Surgery

The Doctors: Teen Unable To Eat & Gain Weight

Many people will take one look at 20-year-old Hannah and her 90-pound frame, and assume she doesn’t eat enough or even suffers with an eating disorder. Yvonne, Hannah’s grandmother, explained that she noticed Hannah having trouble eating, but thought it was because of her braces. But then she noticed Hannah couldn’t close her mouth and couldn’t chew properly. Hannah explained that a jaw defect makes it incredibly difficult for her to eat.


When she was younger she realized that her mouth and jaw didn’t look the same as her peers’ so she went to see an orthodontist. She was told that her lower jaw didn’t grow enough while her upper jaw continued to grow. The orthodontist thought pulling teeth and braces would help her situation but because she hasn’t gained any weight over the last few years, her doctors are now concerned. She learned that braces wouldn’t correct the problem, but instead she needed surgery.

Drs: 90-Pound Teen With Jaw Defect Needs Life-Changing Surgery

A young girl opened up to The Doctors about the life-changing surgery she needed to correct a severe jaw defect. (allnightavenue / Flickr)

Hannah is hoping she can get the surgery to allow her to finally have self confidence and live like a normal teenager.


The Doctors: Jaw Defect Complicating Teen’s Life

Hannah joined The Doctors saying she desperately wanted to be normal again. Dr Jennifer Ashton pointed out that Hannah was suffering both emotional and physical consequences and said she was thrilled Hannah was brave enough to share her struggle. Yvonne explained that she’s really the only one in Hannah’s life who can care for her, so it’s been heartbreaking to see her granddaughter struggle.

Yvonne actually searched online and came across a doctor from the show, which is how they found out that Hannah did have options. When they spoke to that doctor, they learned that he could fix Hannah’s jaw.

That doctor, board-certified surgeon Dr Benjamin Walline, joined the show and offered Hannah that surgery for free. Hannah and Yvonne were brought to tears with gratitude and were in awe of the picture that was created to give Hannah an idea of what she could look like after the surgery.


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